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    A Classroom\u27s Evolution

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    Based on the four texts that we read in Social Foundations of Music Education, I took some of the main points and concepts from each of these books and incorporated them into an original poetic monologue. The main question I was trying to answer was: How should teachers as transformative intellectuals navigate through the current educational system in the age of accountability to pursue equity among, in, and through education? Teachers must work to completely defy the stereotypical boundaries of education and inspire students to become investigators in the world, both in and out of the classroom

    Jean-Jacques Laffont: A Look Back

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    Nash Equilibrium and Mechanism Design

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    Nash, mechanism design

    Auctions and Efficiency

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    efficiency, allocation of resources, privatization

    Roy Radner and Incentive Theory

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    Moral hazard, Incentive, Adverse Selection