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    Stable degenerations of Cohen-Macaulay modules

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    As a stable analogue of degenerations, we introduce the notion of stable degenerations for Cohen-Macaulay modules over a Gorenstein local algebra. We shall give several necessary and/or sufficient conditions for the stable degeneration. These conditions will be helpful to see when a Cohen-Macaulay module degenerates to another.Comment: 29 pages, to appear in Journal of Algebr

    Abstract local cohomology functors

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    We propose to define the notion of abstract local cohomology functors. The derived functors of the ordinary local cohomology functor with support in the closed subset defined by an ideal and the generalized local cohomology functor associated with a given pair of ideals are characterized as elements of the set of all the abstract local cohomology functors.Comment: To appear in Mathematical Journal of Okayama Universit

    Upper Cohen-Macaulay Dimension

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    In this paper, we define a homological invariant for finitely generated modules over a commutative noetherian local ring, which we call upper Cohen-Macaulay dimension. This invariant is quite similar to Cohen-Macaulay dimension that has been introduced by Gerko. Also we define a homological invariant with respect to a local homomorphism of local rings. This invariant links upper Cohen-Macaulay dimension with Gorenstein dimension.</p

    Homological invariants associated to semi-dualizing bimodules

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    Cohen-Macaulay dimension for modules over a commutative noetherian local ring has been defined by A. A. Gerko. That is a homological invariant sharing many properties with projective dimension and Gorenstein dimension. The main purpose of this paper is to extend the notion of Cohen-Macaulay dimension for modules over commutative noetherian local rings to that for bounded complexes over non-commutative noetherian rings.Comment: 19 pages, to appear in J. Math. Kyoto Uni