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    Exact Algorithms for 0-1 Integer Programs with Linear Equality Constraints

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    In this paper, we show O(1.415n)O(1.415^n)-time and O(1.190n)O(1.190^n)-space exact algorithms for 0-1 integer programs where constraints are linear equalities and coefficients are arbitrary real numbers. Our algorithms are quadratically faster than exhaustive search and almost quadratically faster than an algorithm for an inequality version of the problem by Impagliazzo, Lovett, Paturi and Schneider (arXiv:1401.5512), which motivated our work. Rather than improving the time and space complexity, we advance to a simple direction as inclusion of many NP-hard problems in terms of exact exponential algorithms. Specifically, we extend our algorithms to linear optimization problems

    The early education and the characteristics of the mind of the child

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston Universit

    Dynamics of symmetric holomorphic maps on projective spaces

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    We consider complex dynamics of a critically finite holomorphic map from P^k to P^k, which has symmetries associated with the symmetric group S_{k+2} acting on P^k, for each k \ge 1. The Fatou set of each map of this family consists of attractive basins of superattracting points. Each map of this family satisfies Axiom A.Comment: 12 page

    BPS States in 10+2 Dimensions

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    We discuss a (10+2)D N=(1,1) superalgebra and its projections to M-theory, type IIA and IIB algebras. From the complete classification of a second-rank central term valued in the so(10,2) algebra, we find all possible BPS states coming from this term. We show that, among them, there are two types of 1/2-susy BPS configurations; one corresponds to a super (2+2)-brane while another one arises from a nilpotent element in so(10,2).Comment: 31 pages, Latex, typos corrected, references adde
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