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    Water quality map of Saginaw Bay from computer processing of LANDSAT-2 data

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    There are no author-identified significant results in this report

    Analysis of secondary cells with lithium anodes and immobilized fused-salt electrolytes

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    Secondary cells with liquid lithium anodes, liquid bismuth or tellurium cathodes, and fused lithium halide electrolytes immobilized as rigid pastes operate between 380 and 485 degrees. Applications include power sources in space, military vehicle propulsion and special commercial vehicle propulsion

    Poles and zeros – examples of the behavioral approach applied to discrete linear repetitive processes

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    In this paper the behavorial approach is applied to discrete linear repetitive processes, which are class of 2D systems of both systems theoretic and applications interest. The main results are on poles and zeros for these processes, which have exponential trajectory interpretations

    Development of polymer network of phenolic and epoxies resins mixed with linseed oil: pilot study

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    Epoxy resin was mixed with phenolic resins in different percentages by weight. Composite 40/60 means the proportion by weight of epoxy resin is 40 percent. It was found that only composites 50/50 and 40/60 could be cured in ambient conditions. Dynamic mechanical analysis showed that only these two composites form interpenetrating polymer network. The addition of linseed oil to the two resins results also in the formation of interpenetrating network irrespective of proportion by weight of the resins; the mechanical properties will only be better when the percentage by weight of epoxy resin is higher; the aim of reducing cost and at the same time maintaining the mechanical properties cannot be fully achieved because epoxy resin is much more expensive than its counterpart

    Gauge fixing and equivariant cohomology

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    The supersymmetric model developed by Witten to study the equivariant cohomology of a manifold with an isometric circle action is derived from the BRST quantization of a simple classical model. The gauge-fixing process is carefully analysed, and demonstrates that different choices of gauge-fixing fermion can lead to different quantum theories.Comment: 18 pages LaTe

    Book Review

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    Book review of "A Theory of Justice" by John Rawls. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1971

    A technique for correcting ERTS data for solar and atmospheric effects

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    The author has identified the following significant results. Based on processing ERTS CCTs and ground truth measurements collected on Michigan test site for January through June 1973 the following results are reported: (1) atmospheric transmittance varies from: 70 to 85% in band 4, 77 to 90% in band 5, 80 to 94% in band 6, and 84 to 97% in band 7 for one air mass; (2) a simple technique was established to determine atmospheric scattering seen by ERTS-1 from ground-based measurements of sky radiance. For March this scattering was found to be equivalent to that produced by a target having a reflectance of 11% in band 4, 5% in band 5, 3% in band 6, and 1% in band 7; (3) computer ability to classify targets under various atmospheric conditions was determined. Classification accuracy on some targets (i.e. bare soil, tended grass, etc.) hold up even under the most severe atmospheres encountered, while performance on other targets (trees, urban, rangeland, etc.) degrades rapidly when atmospheric conditions change by the smallest amount

    A finite element for thermal stress analysis of shells of revolution

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    A new finite element is described for performing detailed thermal stress analysis of thin orthotropic shells of revolution. The element provides for temperature loadings which may vary over the surface of the shell as well as through the thickness. In a number of sample calculations, results from the present method are compared with analytical solutions as well as with independent numerical analyses. Such calculations are carried out for two cylinders, a conical frustum, a truncated hemisphere, and an annular plate. Generally, the agreement between the present solution and the other solutions is excellent

    Analysis of a turbine rotor containing a transverse crack at Oak Creek Unit 17

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    Transient increases in one, two and three per revolution vibration characteristics of a low pressure steam turbine were observed during steam temperature reduction operations. Vibration and fracture mechanics analyses suggested the presence of a transverse shaft crack which was eventually identified by ultrasonic inspection and confirmed by destructive sectioning. Signature analyses of vibration data recorded over a two-year period prior to crack identification are correlated with fatigue crack growth, which occurred intermittently during transient temperature decreases. The apparent increased response of the rotor to vibration is due to asymmetric stiffness changes introduced by the growing transverse crack. The vibration response is predicted to increase with increasing crack depths in excess of 10% of the shaft diameter. Fracture mechanics analyses predict that fatigue crack growth occurred during periods of steam temperature decrease, when high surface tensile stresses are present. These same transient thermal stresses are shown to have retarded and prevented subsequent fatigue crack growth during steady operation