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    The paper looks at the current status of Bangladesh-EU relationship, identifies the salient features of the new Cooperation Agreement and looks at some of the important emerging challenges in the context of the evolving Bangladesh-EU relationship. The paper also focuses on the trends and structure of aid from EU to Bangladesh over the past years and Bangladesh - EU trade relations.WTO, Trade, Globalisation, Cooperation

    Is straight the new queer? David Beckham and the dialectics of celebrity

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    In his book, Understanding Celebrity (2004), Turner provides a comprehensive overview of the vast literature which has developed on issues of celebrity and fame, painting a broad picture of concerns divided between the significance of the apparent explosion in celebrity 'culture' and the focus on celebrities themselves. Within the literature on the social significance of celebrity culture, we can discern two key themes. First, celebrity culture is a manifestation of globalised commodity consumerism in advanced capitalism and second, its social function as a system of meanings and values which is supplanting traditional resources for self and social identities in late modern culture, including structures such as class, gender/sexuality, ethnicity and nationality. Whilst the authors mentioned above both draw on and contribute to these arguments, their focus remains broad, citing Beckham as a key manifestation of the complex interdependence between globalised sports and media industries, and transformations in gender and consumption. For example, although Cashmore's book is solidly researched on the impact of media finance on football and has a sound argument on the significance of consumerism, he is prone to generalisations about the transformations in masculinity and celebrity culture which he suggests are central to understanding Beckham's significance

    On the validity of Strong Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in presence of Dirac fields

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    A well posed theory of nature is expected to determine the future of an observer uniquely from a given set of appropriate initial data. In the context of general relativity, this is ensured by Penrose's strong cosmic censorship conjecture. But in recent years, several examples are found which suggest breakdown of the deterministic nature of the theory in Reissner-Nordstrom-de Sitter black holes under the influence of different fundamental fields. Nevertheless, the situation has been reassuring for the case of astrophysically meaningful Kerr-de Sitter black hole solutions which seems to respect the conjecture. However, the previous analyses were done considering only the effect of scalar fields. In this paper, we extend the study by considering Dirac fields in Kerr-de Sitter background and show that there exist a parameter space which does not respect the conjecture.Comment: 13 pages, 2 figures, Accepted in European Physical Journal

    The Uniqueness of Hypergravity

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    We show that consistent interactions of a spin-2 and a higher-spin Majorana fermion gauge fields in 3D flat space lead uniquely to Aragone-Deser hypergravity or its generalization. Our analysis employs the BRST-cohomological techniques, and works in the metric-like formulation under the assumptions of locality, parity and Poincar\'e invariance. Local hypersymmetry shows up as the unique consistent deformation of the gauge transformations. An extension of the theory with fermion flavors does not change these features, while a cosmological deformation becomes obstructed in the absence of other degrees of freedom and/or non-locality.Comment: 40 pages, minor changes in the text, references adde