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    MEM Analysis of Glueball Correlators at T>0

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    Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) is applied to glueball correlators at finite temperature constructed by using 5,500-9,900 gauge field configurations generated in SU(3) quenched lattice QCD with the lattice parameter beta = 2N_c/g^2 = 6.25 and the renormalized anisotropy a_s/a_t = 4. The results support the thermal width broadening of the 0++ glueball near the critical temperature.Comment: Talk given at LATTICE 2003, The XXI International Symposium on Lattice Field Thoery, Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, July 15-19, 2003, Lattice2003(nonzerot), latex2e, 1 figure, 3 page

    Infinitely many two-variable generalisations of the Alexander-Conway polynomial

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    We show that the Alexander-Conway polynomial Delta is obtainable via a particular one-variable reduction of each two-variable Links-Gould invariant LG^{m,1}, where m is a positive integer. Thus there exist infinitely many two-variable generalisations of Delta. This result is not obvious since in the reduction, the representation of the braid group generator used to define LG^{m,1} does not satisfy a second-order characteristic identity unless m=1. To demonstrate that the one-variable reduction of LG^{m,1} satisfies the defining skein relation of Delta, we evaluate the kernel of a quantum trace.Comment: Published by Algebraic and Geometric Topology at http://www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/agt/AGTVol5/agt-5-18.abs.htm

    The arc space of a toric variety

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    The Nash problem on arc families is affirmatively answered for a toric variety by Ishii and Kollar's paper which also shows the negative answer for general case. The Nash problem is one of questions about the relation between arc families and valuations. In this paper, the relation is described clearly for a toric variety. The arc space of a toric variety admits an action of the group scheme determined by the torus. Each orbit on the arc space corresponds to a lattice point in the cone and therefore corresponds to a toric valuation. The dominant relation among the orbits is described in terms of the lattice points. As a corollary we obtain the answer to the embedded version of the Nash problem for an invariant ideal on a toric variety.Comment: 19pages, 2 figures, to appear in Journal of Algebr

    Recent K2K Results

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    The disappearance of nu_mu was studied using the K2K-I dataset, which was taken before July, 2001. We observed indications of neutrino oscillation. The resultant oscillation-parameter region was consistent with the atmospheric neutrino result. The appearance of nu_e was searced for in the same dataset. No excess was found over the expected background.Comment: 8 pages, 9 figures; Presented at the 5th Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin (NOON2004), Tokyo, Japan, February 11-15,200

    Geometric properties of jet schemes

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    This paper shows how properties of jet schemes relate to those of the singularity on the base scheme. We will see that the jet scheme's properties of being Q-factorial, Q-Gorenstein, canonical, terminal and so on are inherited by the base scheme.Comment: 12 page
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