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    GMO Awareness and Eating Behaviors Among College Students

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    This study examines college students’ awareness of genetically modified (GM) foods and whether it alters his or her eating behaviors. This study draws on data from a sample of 318 undergraduate students enrolled at the University of New Hampshire, who completed an online survey via Qualtrics. The survey looked specifically at how aware students are of genetically modified foods, and how many GM meals he or she consumes per week. The results of this survey showed a strong correlation between higher levels of awareness and more consumption of GM food. These findings suggest that people with less awareness of GM food may be uninformed of the prevalence of genetically altered food in our society

    Meeting spiritual needs of the hospitalized patient

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    Thesis (M.S.)--Boston Universit

    Two problems on independent sets in graphs

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    Let it(G)i_t(G) denote the number of independent sets of size tt in a graph GG. Levit and Mandrescu have conjectured that for all bipartite GG the sequence (it(G))t0(i_t(G))_{t \geq 0} (the {\em independent set sequence} of GG) is unimodal. We provide evidence for this conjecture by showing that is true for almost all equibipartite graphs. Specifically, we consider the random equibipartite graph G(n,n,p)G(n,n,p), and show that for any fixed p(0,1]p\in(0,1] its independent set sequence is almost surely unimodal, and moreover almost surely log-concave except perhaps for a vanishingly small initial segment of the sequence. We obtain similar results for p=Ω~(n1/2)p=\tilde{\Omega}(n^{-1/2}). We also consider the problem of estimating i(G)=t0it(G)i(G)=\sum_{t \geq 0} i_t(G) for GG in various families. We give a sharp upper bound on the number of independent sets in an nn-vertex graph with minimum degree δ\delta, for all fixed δ\delta and sufficiently large nn. Specifically, we show that the maximum is achieved uniquely by Kδ,nδK_{\delta, n-\delta}, the complete bipartite graph with δ\delta vertices in one partition class and nδn-\delta in the other. We also present a weighted generalization: for all fixed x>0x>0 and δ>0\delta >0, as long as n=n(x,δ)n=n(x,\delta) is large enough, if GG is a graph on nn vertices with minimum degree δ\delta then t0it(G)xtt0it(Kδ,nδ)xt\sum_{t \geq 0} i_t(G)x^t \leq \sum_{t \geq 0} i_t(K_{\delta, n-\delta})x^t with equality if and only if G=Kδ,nδG=K_{\delta, n-\delta}.Comment: 15 pages. Appeared in Discrete Mathematics in 201

    Self-shielding printed circuit boards for high frequency amplifiers and transmitters

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    Printed circuit boards retaining as much copper as possible provide electromagnetic shielding between stages of the high frequency amplifiers and transmitters. Oscillation is prevented, spurious output signals are reduced, and multiple stages are kept isolated from each other, both thermally and electrically

    Conscience Project Meeting, Minutes 6-19-10

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