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    QCD Phases in Lattice QCD

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    I review the recent status of lattice QCD calculations at non-zero density.Comment: typeset with ws-ijma.cls(included in the source), 6 pages, 4 figures. Talk presented at the International Conference on "QCD and Hadronic Physics", June 16-20, 2005, Beijing, China. References and data are adde

    Changes of the Latin Language in Aquitaine as Reflected by the Inscriptions.

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    Summary: The aim of this study is to demonstrate what kind of changes took place in the Latin language in Aquitaine according to the inscriptions. All of the relevant inscriptions were examined up to this time, so we can form an opinion on the remarks made by József Herman, who was the first to deal with the development of the Latin of the Three Gauls in detail and who intended to write the history of this language. The categories of the computerized database are used for the analysis of the changes and some examples for the changes found are mentioned

    QCD phase diagram and the critical point

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    The recent progress in understanding the QCD phase diagram and the physics of the QCD critical point is reviewed.Comment: 18 pages, 11 figures, for proceedings of "Finite Density QCD at Nara", July 200

    Lattice study of the Coleman--Weinberg mass in the SU(2)-Higgs model

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    Radiative symmetry breaking is a well known phenomenon in perturbation theory. We study the problem in a non-perturbative framework, i.e. lattice simulations. The example of the bosonic sector of the SU(2)-Higgs model is considered. We determine the minimal scalar mass which turns out to be higher than the mass value given by 1-loop continuum perturbation theory.Comment: Contribution to ICHEP-02, Amsterdam, 24-31 July 2002, 2 pages, 1 figur
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