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    The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information shows that there is no going back to the “dark ages” of government opacity

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    Freedom of Information, since its inception by the previous Labour government, has proven popular with the public and press, but troublesome for the politicians who have to navigate a new and transparent world. Here, Tom Felle, welcomes the findings of the the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information, arguing that its conclusions clearly support the continuation of the law and the notion that there is no going back

    Data journalism may be helping to solidify the divide between those who can afford to be in engaged in the political process and the rest

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    Many have welcomed the increased role of data journalism, praising its capacity to shed light on the cold hard facts which were often at the mercy of ideology and conjecture. But what role doesit play in fostering (or discouraging) citizen engagement? Tom Felle argues that it may in fact help to solidify the emerging gap between those who are already interested and engaged with political and public life, and those who are not

    Papier peint e propaganda politica: l’esempio di villa Gradenigo a Carbonera con le imprese dell’ArmĂ©e d’Italie

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    Papiers peints (wallpapers) produced in the wake of the French Revolution and the formation of the Napoleonic Empire include representations of contemporary events. For the first time, historic events known to the general public are pasted over interior walls and those who buy them reveal, at least implicitly, their cultural and political leanings. The article focuses on four papiers peints from the 19th-century Parisian firm Dufour & Leroy. They are found in the villa Gradenigo at Carbonera (near Treviso) and depict crucial episodes in the history of the ArmĂ©e d’Italie: the Passage of the Alps, the Entrance into Milan and two scenes from the Entrance into Rome. It is a unique and hitherto unparalleled find within a private interior, not only in Italy. It speaks to the taste of a particular patron, connected to the Gradenigo family. They are not the ancient patrician family from Rio Marin, but another Venetian family with the same name, who were awarded a title of nobility in the 19th century

    Alien Registration Card- Felle, Elsa (Blue Hill, Hancock County)

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    Analisis Pandangan Gereja Terhadap Praktik Perbudakan dalam Tradisi Suku Sumba

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    Setiap perkumpulan dalam tatanan masyarakat memiliki norma adat istiadat yang diwariskan oleh para leluhur, baik itu secara lisan maupun tulisan. Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara yang mewarisi tradisi-tradisi dari para leluhur maka dari itu Indonesia dikenal dengan negara yang kaya akan budaya. Salah satu tradisi yang diwariskan adalah praktik perbudakan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pandangan gereja mengenai praktik perbudakan dan bagaimana gereja mengatasi praktik perbudakan kepada jemaat dan masyarakat. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini metode penelitian fenomenologi dengan teknik pengumpulan data sebagai berikut: Pertama, studi kepustakaan. Kedua, observasi langsung. Ketiga, wawancara kepada beberapa orang yang menjadi orang kunci dan yang mempunyai pengaruh di daerah tersebut. Dengan demikian dapat disimpulkan bahwa agar praktik perbudakan bisa diminimalisirkan di daerah-daerah yang memberlakukan praktik ini agar gereja dan pemerintah bisa bekerja sama untuk menangani masalah utama yang menyebabkan praktik ini terus ada. Kata-kata Kunci: Gereja, Praktik, Perbudakan, Budaya, dan Sumba

    Evidence that acid solutions induce plant cell elongation by acidifying the cytosol and stimulating the proton pump

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    AbstractAcetic acid (3 mM, pH 4.5) stimulated elongation growth of maizecoleoptiles at a much higher rate than citric acid at the same pH and concentration. The effect of these solutions on cytosolic pH and membrane potential of maize rhizodermis cells was measured with microelectrodes. Citric acid caused a decrease in cytosolic pH and a slow membrane hyperpolarization. Acetic acid induced a larger and more rapid cytosolic acidification and membrane hyperpolarization. Hence, the degree of growth stimulation by the acids was positively correlated with the extent of their cytosolic acidification and stimulation of the proton pump. We suggest the acids induce growth by acidifying the cytosol and stimulating the proton pump rather than via direct acidification of the cell wall.Acid-induced growthCell wall acidificationCytosolic acidificationIndoleacetic acidMembrane potentialZea may