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    This is a contribution to the encyclopedia of systems biology on reduction

    Handbook of Environmental Regulations for Agribusiness

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    This Handbook is intended to provide the information needed for agribusiness facilities to comply with state and federal environmental regulations. Staff at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center wrote the Handbook. Technical input and review was provided by Dan Eddinger, Nebraska Department of Enviromental Quality; Mark Lohafer and John Whipple, Iowa Department of Land and Agricultural Stewardship; staff at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA) Region 7; staff at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR); and Chris Murray, Agribusiness Association of Iowa.https://scholarworks.uni.edu/iwrc_facbook/1009/thumbnail.jp

    Compliance Calendar/Logbook for Bulk Gasoline Plants: Less than 19,999 Gallons/Day Throughput

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    EPA has new requirements for Gasoline Distribution Bulk Terminals, Bulk Gasoline Plants and Pipeline Facilities under 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart BBBBBB (NESHAP 6B) to reduce air pollution. This calendar has been developed to assist Bulk Gasoline Plants in complying with NESHAP 6B. Additional Iowa specific NESHAP 6B rules are discussed later.https://scholarworks.uni.edu/iwrc_facbook/1004/thumbnail.jp

    Deficit Reduction Through Diversity: How Affirmative Action at the FCC Increased Auction Competition

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    In recent auctions for paging licenses, the Federal Communications Commission has granted businesses owned by minorities and women substantial bidding credits. In this article, Professors Ayres and Cramton analyze a particular auction and argue that the affirmative action bidding preferences, by increasing competition among auction participants, increased the government's revenue by $45 million. Subsidizing the participation of new bidders can induce established bidders to bid more aggressively. The authors conclude that this revenue- enhancing effect does not provide a sufficient constitutional justification for affirmative action-but when such justification is independently present, affirmative actions can cost the government much less than is currently thought.Auctions; Affirmative Action

    Reduction of discrete-time two-channel delayed systems

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    In this letter, the reduction method is extended to time-delay systems affected by two mismatched input delays. To this end, the intrinsic feedback structure of the retarded dynamics is exploited to deduce a reduced dynamics which is free of delays. Moreover, among other possibilities, an Immersion and Invariance feedback over the reduced dynamics is designed for achieving stabilization of the original systems. A chained sampled-data dynamics is used to show the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy through simulations

    Infinitary Combinatory Reduction Systems: Normalising Reduction Strategies

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    We study normalising reduction strategies for infinitary Combinatory Reduction Systems (iCRSs). We prove that all fair, outermost-fair, and needed-fair strategies are normalising for orthogonal, fully-extended iCRSs. These facts properly generalise a number of results on normalising strategies in first-order infinitary rewriting and provide the first examples of normalising strategies for infinitary lambda calculus
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