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    Water Address - Iowa Specific Cards

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    The Water Address - Iowa Specific Cards document is a K-12 curriculum supplement that was written as part of the Iowa Project WET program under the Iowa Academy of Science

    Degradation of Algal Palynomorphs on 34-yr-old Microscope Slides

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    Reexamination of 34-yr-old microscope slides of palynological preparations reveals the loss and degradation of algal palynomorphs, in particular the green alga Pediastrum and the desmid Pleurotaenium. Results from this study suggest that great caution should be used when referring co archived palynological slides

    Science Notes - Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching Awards

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    The 1993 Iowa recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching have been announced. Cindy Earlene Roberts of Lake View Auburn Community Schools was selected as the awardee in the Elementary Science category. The awardee in the Secondary Science category was Hector Ibarra of West Branch Middle School

    The Mediating Role of Sleep in the Associations of Adult Attachment and Self Disclosure in Romantic Relationships

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    Research has shown that adult attachment style predicts self disclosure in relationships (Chen, Hi, Shi, & Chen, 2019 as cited in Collins and Allard, 2007). Previous research has also pointed to a positive relationship between healthy attachment and well-being, as well as sleep quality (Escolas, Hildebrandt, Maiers, Baker, & Mason, 2013 via Verdecia, Jean-Louis, Zizi, Casimir, & Browne, 2009). The purpose of this study was to examine sleep as a possible mediator between attachment styles and self disclosure. The current sample consisted of 202 participants recruited from Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Results indicated that sleep quality (indicated by sleepiness and insomnia) mediated the relationship between attachment and self disclosure. Future research may explore the potential benefits of high sleep quality to those who demonstrate avoidant or anxious attachment styles, as it could increase self disclosure in relationships

    Science Notes - Summer Workshop for High School Biology Teachers

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    The biological sciences faculty at Iowa State University will sponsor its first annual summer workshop for Iowa high school biology teachers. \u27The workshop, funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, will provide opportunities for high school biology teachers and university faculty to work together to develop and exchange new technical and educational tools for use in high school laboratories and research projects

    Science Learning Matters: Iowa within the Context of the NAEP Assessments

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    The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report (Mullis and Jenkins, 1988) states that science exerts a pervasive influence on the quality of the lives of all citizens, and that it is essential that all productive citizens be able to understand and resolve the increasing number of societal problems related to science and technology. Our national position as a world leader is dependent upon such knowledge and skills. In Iowa, a state striving to improve its national and world economic status, these NAEP analyses are critical

    The Effects of the Summer Forest Fires on Yellowstone National Park

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    Throughout the summer, the nation watched as fires swept through Yellowstone National Park. Media coverage made people from all parts of the United States aware of the change that was taking place in Wyoming. Concerns ranged from the effect of the fires on the park, its attractions (such as the geysers) and the animals to worries of what the smoke being released by the burning trees would do to the atmosphere

    Revision of the Iowa Science Teachers Section Guidelines

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    This revision of the Guidelines should be carefully read in preparation for membership action. The membership vote will be taken at the spring meeting on April 21-22 at Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa

    Edison Teaching Kits

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    An Edison Teaching Kit contains seven how-to booklets based on experiments of Thomas Edison and other scientists

    A National Computer Conferencing Network for Science Education

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    If science educators -- curriculum planners, supervisors and teachers -- were linked by telecommunications networks, all could experience the advantages of a conference without the usual disadvantages, such as travel costs or loss of valuable work hours. And these experiences could be frequent, regular and on-going. Motivated by such possibilities, the Council of State Science Supervisors began setting up a national telecommunications network for science education in 1986. Support for the idea came in the form of a grant from the National Science Foundation, the cooperation of state and federal government agencies and equipment and technical aid from the IBM Corporation


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