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    I Went to Learn, Meanings of the European Tour of Senator Robert M. La Follette, 1923

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    In 1923, progressive Senator Robert M. La Follette, an astute observer of government, economics, and social conditions, toured Europe in preparation for his third-party presidential bid. This article examines that trip and its legacy, particularly in relation to Daniel T. Rodgers\u27 1998 book Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Age.


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    Robotic systems under development in the Santa Clara University Robotic Systems Laboratory (RSL) generate large amounts of data that must be interpreted in real-time. Many dimensions of this data must be visualized at once, such as temperature, location, and certainty of the measurement. Current data visualization softwares (such as Mathematica and Simulink) are ill-suited to visualize this much data, due to lack of customization. To solve this, we propose a system that allows users to view real-time streaming data in a virtual reality environment. This allows the user to easily interpret large, detailed datasets through an intuitive interface

    Effect of crosslinker length on the elastic and compression modulus of poly(acrylamide) nanocomposite hydrogels

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    Polymer hydrogelshave shown to exhibit improved properties upon the addition of nanoparticles; however, the mechanical underpinnings behind these enhancements have not been fully elucidated. Moreover, fewer studies have focused on developing an understanding of how polymer parameters affect the nanoparticle-mediated enhancements. In this study, we investigated the elastic properties of silica nanoparticle-reinforced poly(acrylamide) hydrogels synthesized using crosslinkers of various lengths. Crosslinker length positively affected the mechanical properties of hydrogels that were synthesized with or without nanoparticles. However the degree of nanoparticle enhancement was negatively correlated to crosslinker length. Our findings enable the understanding of the respective roles of nanoparticle and polymer properties on nanoparticle-mediated enhancement of hydrogels and thereby the development of next-generation nanocomposite materials

    Nondiffusive spin dynamics in a two-dimensional electron gas

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    We describe measurements of spin dynamics in the two-dimensional electron gas in GaAs=GaAlAs quantum wells. Optical techniques, including transient spin-grating spectroscopy, are used to probe the relaxation rates of spin polarization waves in the wave vector range from zero to 6 x 104 cm-1. We find that the spin polarization lifetime is maximal at a nonzero wave vector, in contrast with expectations based on ordinary spin diffusion, but in quantitative agreement with recent theories that treat diffusion in the presence of spin-orbit couplin

    Retention of Women of Color in Higher Education

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    This research paper focuses on the factors that contribute to the retention of women of color in higher education. Research has shown that students of color are at a higher risk of not returning to their institutions of higher education due to financial difficulties of their families, the lack of family support and the way in which the campus climate affects them uniquely.This research aims to answer the question: how does Hermanas Unidas at Santa Clara University contribute to the retention of women of color in higher education? While focusing on the three main factors that contribute to the retention of women of color in higher education- financial difficulties, family support and campus climate. Through a quan-qual study over the period six months, the research suggests that Hermans Unidas at Santa Clara University is able to provide a safe space where members do not think about their circumstance, financial or their family, as a limiting factor in completing their education. Instead, Hermanas Unidas, is able to provide the familial support on campus from women who share similar experiences

    Life\u27s Bread

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    Music from Vibrating Wallpaper

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    Wallpaper patterns have been shown to be decomposable into standing waves of plane vibrations [6]. Previously unexplored are the sounds that arise from these vibrations. The main result of this paper is that each wallpaper type (square, hexagonal, rectangular, generic) has its own distinctive family of pitches relative to a fundamental. We review the method to make wallpaper with wave functions and describe new musical scales for each type, including initial attempts to use the scales: a movie showing vibrations of wallpaper patterns with 3- and 6-fold symmetry inspired a new piece by American composer William Susman, commissioned by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, Barbara Day Turner, conductor. The piece, “In a State of Patterns,” was premiered on March 25, 2018

    CERVIS: Cervical Cancer Early Response Visual Identification System

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    The goal of CERVIS is to make a substantial, positive impact in the cervical cancer screening space through the development of a minimally invasive, cost effective solution that enables women in low-resource settings to test for cervical cancer on a frugal and effective platform. In the developed world, there are a variety of options that can aid in early detection, including Pap smears. However, due to the high cost and laboratory requirements that accompany this procedure, women in low-resource settings rarely have access to this preventative care or regular screenings for cervical cancer. Using new research about the changes in the vaginal microbiome, CERVIS aims to create a frugal, visual diagnostic screening tool for early stage cervical cancer as an alternative to the existing expensive, invasive, and clinic-dependent methods. Outcomes will be measured by partnering with a Kenyan NGO to collect data from several clinics

    Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum at Santa Clara University

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    Healthy parenting and family resilience in early childhood has been shown to be an important factor in building emotional resilience for the children: it illustrates that when parents have higher emotional resilience, their children tend to have higher emotional resilience as well. However, the tools that available in the market right now only teach people what emotional resilience rather than how to practice it in daily life. This report describes our project to create a virtual reality tool that can not only teach the importance of emotional resilience, but also help the parents develop personal resilience. The system is based on the VR Empathy Training Tool created by a former senior design project in which the user can interact with a crying child and learn how to handle stress under certain circumstances. The new system will add new features so that it can inform users about their stress level and allow the users to track their progress


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