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    Collection and Analysis of a Training Data Set Designed for Neural Network Handwriting Analysis

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    For my project, I am working with creating a neural network without using libraries for simple handwritten digit recognition, however, I am taking a slightly different approach. I am creating a data set myself from volunteers and comparing that data set to a similar set created for the same function, specifically the MNIST database. My project I has been focused on learning the technical background required for this project, and from now through my next semester when I take project II, I will be collecting data and then performing the mathematical analysis of my results

    2018 2nd Place: Budget Disparity in Education

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    The social issue this project deals with is the budget disparity in America\u27s public schools. This problem is important to investigate because today\u27s children are tomorrow\u27s leaders and if they are not being educated properly, then how do we as a society expect them to lead us in the future

    Setting up and configuring SLURM

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    This presentation will be explaining my progress on Project II working in HU\u27s High performance computing lab. One my main projects is using SLURM for workload management

    2018 2nd Place: Identifying the Effectiveness of Plant Extracts for Treating Biofilms of Escherichia coli and Myxococcus xanthus

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    Antibiotic resistance is a topic that is of growing concern in the field of medicine. Antibiotics act as growth blockers or act as toxins, killing the organism they affect. These biological weapons generate selective pressure leading to the current antibiotic crisis. This selective pressure causes resistant organisms to begin to emerge and over generations antibiotic resistance can develop and be spread among a bacterial population. One of the key factors contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria is the ability for some bacteria to form and shield themselves within biofilms. Biofilms are masses of bacteria protected by a polysaccharide/ extracellular DNA matrix, can help prevent the penetration of antibiotics to the cells within and can unknowingly lead to lingering, viable cells that can cause further infections. Biofilms can adhere to surfaces in hospitals and can become resistant to even the harshest disinfectants. In hospitals nosocomial infections can lead to chronic illnesses and can be pointed towards surfaces contaminated with biofilms that resist antibiotics as well as disinfectant

    3rd Annual HU Research Symposium Program 2021

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    3rd Annual HU Research Symposium program and schedule of presenters. Presentations were held April 21st, 2021 virtually on the Teams platform

    Construction and Application of a Low-Cost, Low-Sensitivity Refractive Index Detector

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    I constructed a simple refractive index detector, an instrument that identifies pure samples based on their optical properties. The construction was done using inexpensive materials in order to test the limits of RID at its most fundamental. This also involved coding a program that analyzes the samples and setting up a microcontroller for the electronics

    2018 3rd Place: The Growth and Characterization of Psychromonas aquimarina, a New Model Organism for Climate Change

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    Climate change is currently affecting the Earth and will only increase with time1. A change to the environment means that wildlife will need to adapt. Adaptation occurs when an organism changes physiologically or otherwise to permit continued growth in the environment in which it resides. Scientists do not completely understand adaptation mechanisms. Psychromonas aquimarinais a novel bacterium, with little known. This bacteria will first be characterized and studied before conducting temperature studies. Psychromonas aquimarina is a psychrophile, a bacterium able to survive in colder regions where most bacteria would not. P. aquimarinais an ideal bacterium to study because climate change is affecting the poles two times the rate that it is affecting elsewhere 1. This means colder regions are experiencing harsher effects. The study of adaptation in cold tolerant organisms can give better insight to the mechanisms of thermotolerance. Hypothesis: Psychromonas aquimarinawill be able to adapt to an increase in temperature due to heat shock proteins

    2019: Designing a Wikia Fandom Page

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    Container Security

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    I am working in the high performance computing research lab. I am researching container based cloud technology and security. For my Project I, I am simulating a denial of service attach within a cluster of containers

    2018 1st Place: Waking Up From A Dream

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    About the current issue of the DACA program


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