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    Visual Analysis of Crop Rotation Fallow Patterns in Recent 5 Years Based on CiteSpace

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    Based on the "Web of Science Core Collection" (SCIE database), this article used the visualization software CiteSpace to visualize and analyze the crop rotation fallow patterns in the past five years. It analyzed the countries, institutions, keywords and hot topics of related literature to explore their research characteristics and development, and to provide reference for crop rotation fallow research and practice. The research shows that: 1) developed countries are the main research force in the field of crop rotation and fallowing, and the connection between the research of each country and each institution is not close; 2) research hotspots can be mainly summarized as: crop growth and yield, greenhouse gas emissions and soil health analysis, and the research in this field is constantly refined, combining macro and micro; 3) In recent years, there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in the field of crop rotation and fallow research. It is necessary to strengthen the cooperation with research institutions in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and to carry out crossregional and interdisciplinary research cooperation to improve the quality of papers and scientific research level

    GW25-e1134 Clinical significance of serum homocysteine detection in patients with coronary heart disease

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    Do Chinese Stock Markets React To The Newspaper Recommendations?

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    This paper studies how the stock prices in Chinese stock markets react to the stock recommendations from a Chinese business newspaper Zhong Guo Zheng Quan Bao (China Security). Using event study methodology and market model as a benchmark, we calculate abnormal returns to ascertain the impact of published recommendations. We find that there are no statistically significant long-term abnormal returns associated with the published recommendations. However, there are profitable opportunities if investors act prior to the published recommendations. We also find that the recommendations from the newspaper causes a significant short term movement two days after the publication day, suggesting a delayed response from the investors who act on the recommendation. The delayed response shows the gradual dissemination of the information in Chinese stock markets. In summary, these results indicate that press recommendations of Chinese stocks contain no useful economic information for investors who act on the published recommendations. The possible abnormal returns for investors who buy the stocks before the recommendations are made public are evidence of a market that is strong-form inefficient and the delayed response from investors to the newspaper recommendations is most likely the evidence of a market that is semi-strong-form inefficient

    A Review of Research on Ecological Economics Based on Bibliometrics

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    The development of ecological economics is a major strategy for development in the 21st century. Although scholars have been rising more and more interesting for ecological economic over the past 10 years, it is still unclear what is the change will be facing in the future. In order to provide a theoretical basis for the future development of ecological economy, our article analyzes the current research progress of ecological economy on the basis of a bibliometric analysis. The results show that (1) sustainable development of an ecological economy is a hot research topic; (2) there is little cooperation and exchange between institutions and among scholars regarding ecological economics; (3) the number of publications on ecological economics is increasing, with a relatively large number being published in China. Therefore, we must strengthen the cooperation between institutions and among scholars and improve the research content, vision, and methods in this field. This study provides a theoretical basis for the future development of ecological economy

    Economic Growth And FDI In China

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    This paper studies the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) in economic development in China. By analyzing the data from China and comparing China with other developed and developing countries, the paper finds that FDI becomes a force in economic growth, especially in the later stage of industrialization; Specifically, the paper finds that a country’s foreign trade is the engine in the initial stage of the economic development, while FDI is the main force in the post-industrialization stage

    Investigation of the role of polysaccharide in the dolomite growth at low temperature by using atomistic simulations

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    Dehydration of water from surface Mg2+ is most likely the rate-limiting step in the dolomite growth at low temperature. Here, we investigate the role of polysaccharide in this step using classical molecular dynamics (MD) calculations. Free energy (potential of mean force, PMF) calculations have been performed for water molecules leaving the first two hydration layers above the dolomite (104) surface under the following three conditions: without catalyst, with monosaccharide (mannose) and with oligosaccharide (three units of mannose). MD simulations reveal that there is no obvious effect of monosaccharide in lowering the dehydration barrier for surface Mg2+. However, we found that there are metastable configurations of oligosaccharide, which can decrease the dehydration barrier of surface Mg2+ by about 0.7-1.1 kcal/mol. In these configurations, the molecule lies relatively flat on the surface and forms a bridge shape. The hydrophobic space near the surface created by the non-polar -CH groups of the oligosaccharide in the bridge conformation is the reason for the observed reduction of dehydration barrier

    Trait rumination in post-stress growth among Chinese college students: the chain mediating effect of distress disclosure and perceived social support

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    BackgroundRumination has emerged as a significant factor contributing to personal growth following periods of stress or trauma. The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between trait rumination and post-stress growth (PSG) within the context of Chinese college students who encounter mild stressors in their daily lives. Moreover, we aim to evaluate the potential mediating roles played by both distress disclosure and perceived social support in this dynamic relationship.MethodAll participants completed assessments using the Adolescent Self-Rating Life Events Checklist, Rumination Response Scale, Post-Stress Growth Inventory, Distress Disclosure Index, and Perceived Social Support Scale. Correlation and mediation analyses were conducted using SPSS PROCESS 4 MACRO.ResultsAll students reported experiencing mild psychological impacts as a result of negative life events in the past year and displayed moderate levels of PSG. There was no significant correlation observed between the effects of negative life events and PSG. Significant negative correlations were found between trait rumination and distress disclosure, perceived social support, and PSG. Distress disclosure and perceived social support jointly operated as sequential mediators in the relationship between trait rumination and PSG among all the participants. Qualitative analyses revealed different correlation patterns of high- versus low-ruminator.ConclusionTrait rumination affects PSG both directly and indirectly, through its influence on distress disclosure and perceived social support. Our results emphasize the significance of actively participating in distress disclosure and nurturing a robust sense of social support to counteract the detrimental effects of rumination on post-stress growth among Chinese college students

    Pharmacological activities and pharmacokinetic study of hyperoside: A short review

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    Hyperoside (quercetin-3-O-D-galactoside) is a flavonol glycoside which has been  isolated from different plants. It has different pharmacological actions such as  anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, neuroprotective, cardio-protective, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, radio-protective, gastro-protective, and antioxidant activities. Studies on its pharmacokinetic (PK) properties revealed that it is a stable compound with no significant gender variation in its activities. Other significant details on its pharmacological properties and information for future investigations on its components are provided.Keywords: Hyperoside; Anti-inflammatory, Antidepressant, Neuroprotective, Antidiabetic, Anticancer, Antioxidant, Cytochrome P45