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    [Review of] Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama. The Four Immigrants Manga: A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924, translated by Frederik L. Schadt

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    This historically important document is a translation of a humorous comic book published in 1931 based on the experiences of the author, Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama, as he immigrated to the United States. Kiyama crossed the ocean from Japan to study art in San Francisco in 1904, at the age of nineteen. Upon his arrival he worked as a house servant during the day and went to school at night. It is not well known here, but until the Second World War a large number of Japanese immigrants came to mainland America with student visas rather than work permits; many of these students became school-boys (that is, household help) and did not really go to school (though Kiyama did actually attend art college)

    A CR proof for a global estimate of the Diederich--Fornaess index of Levi-flat real hypersurfaces

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    Yet another proof is given for a global estimate of the Diederich--Fornaess index of relatively compact domains with Levi-flat boundary, namely, the index must be smaller than or equal to the reciprocal of the dimension of the ambient space. This proof reveals that this kind of estimate makes sense and holds also for abstract compact Levi-flat CR manifolds.Comment: 7 pages, final version, to appear in "Complex Analysis and Geometry", Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistic