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    An integrated approach project for the revaluation of a traditional sourdough bread production chain

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    The influence of organic and conventional farming systems on the performance of a panel of old and modern Italian bread wheat varieties has been evaluated, with the aim to individuate an agronomic protocol suitable for the production of a sourdough bread traditionally prepared in a hill zone of Emilia-Romagna. The agronomic and technological characterisation of the wheat samples obtained in organic and conventional farming conditions has been done and the sensorial qualities of the sourdough bread obtained have been evaluated

    LSTM neural networks: Input to state stability and probabilistic safety verification

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    The goal of this paper is to analyze Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) neural networks from a dynamical system perspective. The classical recursive equations describing the evolution of LSTM can be recast in state space form, resulting in a time-invariant nonlinear dynamical system. A sufficient condition guaranteeing the Input-to-State (ISS) stability property of this class of systems is provided. The ISS property entails the boundedness of the output reachable set of the LSTM. In light of this result, a novel approach for the safety verification of the network, based on the Scenario Approach, is devised. The proposed method is eventually tested on a pH neutralization process

    Residual stress of as-deposited and rolled Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing Ti–6Al–4V components

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    Wire + arc additive manufacturing components contain significant residual stresses, which manifest in distortion. High-pressure rolling was applied to each layer of a linear Ti–6Al–4V wire + arc additive manufacturing component in between deposition passes. In rolled specimens, out-of-plane distortion was more than halved; a change in the deposits' geometry due to plastic deformation was observed and process repeatability was increased. The Contour method of residual stresses measurements showed that although the specimens still exhibited tensile stresses (up to 500 MPa), their magnitude was reduced by 60%, particularly at the interface between deposit and substrate. The results were validated with neutron diffraction measurements, which were in good agreement away from the baseplate

    Optimum horizontal well length considering reservoir properties and drainage area

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    The length of a horizontal well increases and so does its drainage area. The efficiency of the long horizontal well is no longer proportional to the length of the well, since the rise in the length of horizontal well output segment also tends to causes frictional pressure losses in the well. Nevertheless, there are currently no reliable standards which take into account quantitatively the parameters necessary to determine the optimum well length of horizontal drilling. A new strategy to the basic productivity index is introduced, taking into account the friction losses under influx conditions in a long manufacturing segment. The consequence of this special productivity index is the constant state flow in an anisotropic structure of a very compressible fluid. This paper presents a technique developed to achieve an optimum length of horizontal pool based on the shift in the overall economics and productivity index (PI) in the long horizontal wellbore with frictional loosing results. In order to achieve optimal overall efficiency in a horizontal well project, an integrated method is proposed for numerical analysis of the parameters that affect profitability using Computer Modelling Group reservoir simulation (CMG)

    Effects of weed control practices on plant diversity in a homogenous olive-dominated landscape (South-east of Italy)

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    Olive groves represent an important economic, agro-ecological, and cultural resource in the Mediterranean Basin. Weed management plays a fundamental role in their sustainable management. The aim of this work was to characterize and assess the plant diversity associated with different weed control practices, in a homogeneous olive-dominated landscape in the South-East of Italy. Sixty-five vegetation plots were sampled in orchards treated with different weed control practices: mowing, tillage, and use of chemical herbicides. The multi-response permutation procedure was used to test the hypothesis of no difference among the treatments. The relationships between plots were visualized by means of non-metric multidimensional scaling ordination. A generalized linear mixed model was used to analyze the relationships between weed control practices and life forms, chorotypes, and diversity indexes. The results showed that the three weed control practices determined slightly different plant communities. Chemically weeded orchards showed an impoverished floristic composition and the lowest diversity, whereas mowing and tillage yielded similar values. These latter two treatments differed for the percentages of hemicryptophytes and therophytes. Moreover, different from other studies, we did not find plant species of particular concern for biodiversity conservation. We hypothesize that this result is due to the monotonous structure of the agro-landscape we investigated, where natural elements are almost lacking. From this point of view, a correct management of agro-districts should consider both the agronomic practices at the level of the individual olive groves and the structure of the agro-landscape

    In situ atomic force microscopy in the study of electrogeneration of polybithiophene on Pt electrode

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    Electrochemical AFM technique has been used for the in situ study of the electrogeneration-deposition process of polybithiophene at varying the polymerisation conditions, such as supporting electrolyte, i.e., LiClO4 or tetrabutylammonium hexafluorophosphate, and polymerisation procedure, i.e., either potentiostatic or potentiodynamic method. In order to better follow the evolution of the morphology of the deposit, particularly during the early stages of the polymer film growth, a suitable home-made electrochemical cell has been used
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