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    Sleeping beauty overture

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston Universit

    Druid Note

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    Evidence for String Substructure

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    We argue that the behavior of string theory at high temperature and high longitudinal boosts, combined with the emergence of p-branes as necessary ingredients in various string dualities, point to a possible reformulation of strings, as well as p-branes, as composites of bits. We review the string-bit models, and suggest generalizations to incorporate p-branes.Comment: Latex file, 21 pages, 11 postscript figure

    Strong subgroup chains and the Baer-Specker group

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    Examples are given of non-elementary properties that are preserved under C-filtrations for various classes C of Abelian groups. The Baer-Specker group is never the union of a chain of proper subgroups with cotorsionfree quotients. Cotorsion-free groups form an abstract elementary class (AEC). The Kaplansky invariants of the Baer-Specker group are used to determine the AECs defined by the perps of the Baer-Specker quotient groups that are obtained by factoring the Baer-Specker group B of a ZFC extension by the Baer-Specker group A of the ground model, under various hypotheses, yielding information about its stability spectrum.Comment: 12 page
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