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    Promotion or protection : the management of tourist visitation to New Zealand's Antarctic and sub-Antarctic territories New Zealand as a case study : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Studies in Management Systems at Massey University

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    Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands are among the last regions on earth that are still relatively unspoilt from human activity. At the same time, they are also among the last tourism frontiers in the world. The forms of tourism, trends, impacts and the current management mechanisms are described and assessed. New Zealand is offered as a case-study because it is experiencing increased visitation to its Antarctic and sub-Antarctic territories. As claimant to a section of Antarctica and signatory to the Antarctic Treaty, New Zealand has a vested interest in preserving this unique area. As the operator of Antarctic bases, it is probable that the New Zealand government may be called upon to provide assistance to tourist expeditions in the Antarctic. New Zealand companies are involved in tourist visits to the sub-Antarctic islands. Attention is drawn to areas of concern, and the various policies New Zealand applies to Antarctic and sub-Antarctic ecotourism are analysed. The need for a sustainable tourist management regime is examined, in order to balance the paradox between preservation and visitation. The varying aspects of international and national management regimes to manage Antarctic and sub-Antarctic tourism are discussed. Antarctica is managed by an international system, whereas the sub-Antarctic islands are subject to national legislation. This has implications for tourism management in these regions. It is questioned whether the present tourist regulations are adequate to protect the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic environments from the impacts of tourism. It is suggested that the current mechanisms are not sufficient, and the establishment of an International Convention on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Tourism is proposed

    Solar transition region and coronal response to heating rate perturbations

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    The solar transition region is in a dynamic state characterized by impulsively upflowing plasma and continually downflowing plasma. Using numerical simulations, the conjecture that the areas of downflowing plasma are simply the base regions of coronal loops in which the heating rate is gradually decreasing and the areas of upflowing plasma are the base regions of coronal loops in which the heating rate is gradually increasing is examined. The calculations suggest that gradually reducing or increasing the heating in a magnetic flux tube will not result in plasma motions that are similar to those that are observed at high spatial resolution in the UV

    Rare-event analysis of mixed Poisson random variables, and applications in staffing

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    A common assumption when modeling queuing systems is that arrivals behave like a Poisson process with constant parameter. In practice, however, call arrivals are often observed to be significantly overdispersed. This motivates that in this paper we consider a mixed Poisson arrival process with arrival rates that are resampled every NaN^{a} time units, where a>0a> 0 and NN a scaling parameter. In the first part of the paper we analyse the asymptotic tail distribution of this doubly stochastic arrival process. That is, for large NN and i.i.d. arrival rates X1,…,XNX_1, \dots, X_N, we focus on the evaluation of PN(A)P_N(A), the probability that the scaled number of arrivals exceeds NANA. Relying on elementary techniques, we derive the exact asymptotics of PN(A)P_N(A): For a3a 3 we identify (in closed-form) a function P~N(A)\tilde{P}_N(A) such that PN(A)/PN(A)P_N(A) / P_N(A) tends to 11 as Nβ†’βˆžN \to \infty. For a∈[13,12)a \in [\frac{1}{3},\frac{1}{2}) and a∈[2,3)a\in [2, 3) we find a partial solution in terms of an asymptotic lower bound. For the special case that the XiX_is are gamma distributed, we establish the exact asymptotics across all a>0a> 0. In addition, we set up an asymptotically efficient importance sampling procedure that produces reliable estimates at low computational cost. The second part of the paper considers an infinite-server queue assumed to be fed by such a mixed Poisson arrival process. Applying a scaling similar to the one in the definition of PN(A)P_N(A), we focus on the asymptotics of the probability that the number of clients in the system exceeds NANA. The resulting approximations can be useful in the context of staffing. Our numerical experiments show that, astoundingly, the required staffing level can actually decrease when service times are more variable

    Scaling limits for infinite-server systems in a random environment

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    This paper studies the effect of an overdispersed arrival process on the performance of an infinite-server system. In our setup, a random environment is modeled by drawing an arrival rate Ξ›\Lambda from a given distribution every Ξ”\Delta time units, yielding an i.i.d. sequence of arrival rates Ξ›1,Ξ›2,…\Lambda_1,\Lambda_2, \ldots. Applying a martingale central limit theorem, we obtain a functional central limit theorem for the scaled queue length process. We proceed to large deviations and derive the logarithmic asymptotics of the queue length's tail probabilities. As it turns out, in a rapidly changing environment (i.e., Ξ”\Delta is small relative to Ξ›\Lambda) the overdispersion of the arrival process hardly affects system behavior, whereas in a slowly changing random environment it is fundamentally different; this general finding applies to both the central limit and the large deviations regime. We extend our results to the setting where each arrival creates a job in multiple infinite-server queues


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    Kegiatan Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan (PPL) yang dilakukan SMA N 1 Cangkringan Sleman terletak di Jl Merapi Golf Bedoyo, Wukirsari, Cangkringan Sleman, Yogyakarta. Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan (PPL) merupakan salah satu mata kuliah yang wajjib diambil oleh Mahasiswa UNY. Tujuan yang ingin dicapai dari program PPL adalah mengembangkan kompetensi mahasiswa sebagai calon pendidik dan atau tenaga kependidikan. Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan (PPL) dimulai sejak tanggal 10 Agsutus 2015 (tahun ajaran baru 2015/2016). Sebelum melakukan PPL, mahasiswa mengadakan observasi terhadap kegiatan pembelajaran yang ada di SMA N 1 Cangkringan. Observasi tersebut dilaksanakan pada tanggal 20 Februari sampai dengan 11 April 2015. Observasi tersebut meliputi observasi sekolah dan juga terhadap pembelajaran di dalam kelas, praktikan juga berusaha mencari informasi dari guru mata pelajaran fisika mengenai kondisi dan potensi siswa, fasilitas pendukung dalam Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar (KBM), dan juga faktor penghambat yang sering ditemui ketika Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar (KBM) berlangsung. Berdasarkan hasil observasi tersebut, mahasiswa melakukan konsultasi terhadap DPL PPL untuk menindaklanjuti pembuatan RPP dan program kerja yang sesuai dengan kondisi dan kebutuhan sekolah. Pada kegiatan PPL ini, praktikan mendapat tugas untuk mengajar kelas XI IPA 1 dan XI IPA 2 Program kerja yang dilakukan oleh praktikan untuk mendukung kegiatan pembelajaran adalah: 1) pembuatan RPP; 2) Pembuatan soal-soal evaluasi dan ulangan harian; 3) Pembuatan Silabus dan 4) Pembuatan Progam Semester dan Program Tahunan


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    This thesis entitled Quality of Service to Customer Satisfaction Cafe Tugu Limau in Mekar Sekuntum Village, Tebas District, Sambas Regency. Problem general in this research is How the Quality of Service Against Customer Satisfaction of the Tugu Limau Cafe in Mekar Sekuntum Village, District Tebas, Sambas Regency, with its sub-problem, How is Quality Tangible Services, Reliability, Responsiveness or Concern (Responsiveness), Empathy (Empathy) and Insurance (Assurance). perceived and expected by consumers of the Tugu Limau Cafe in Mekar Village Sekuntum of Tebas District, Sambas Regency? Research approach that used is a qualitative approach with descriptive research methods. Data collection techniques used are Interview Techniques, and Documentation. The data collection tools are observation guidelines, guidelines interviews, field notes and cameras. Cafe Tugu Limau informant namely Sisters Sholeha, Nopia, Melin, and Brother Haider. Research Results Show that Service Quality has been realized in terms of Service Quality tangible, namely the availability of public facilities in physical form such as tables, chairs and others, in terms of service quality Reliability (Reliability), visible with availability in directing and assisting consumers, in terms of Responsiveness or Concern (Responsiveness) services provided quickly and appropriate, in terms of Empathy (Empathy) attitude and service behavior that given shows a sense of care and in terms of insurance (assurance) looks visitors feel comfortable when in the Cafe. and has shown it is consumer satisfaction
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