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    Twists on the Torus Equivariant under the 2-Dimensional Crystallographic Point Groups

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    A twist is a datum playing a role of a local system for topological KK-theory. In equivariant setting, twists are classified into four types according to how they are realized geometrically. This paper lists the possible types of twists for the torus with the actions of the point groups of all the 2-dimensional space groups (crystallographic groups), or equivalently, the torus with the actions of all the possible finite subgroups in its mapping class group. This is carried out by computing Borel's equivariant cohomology and the Leray-Serre spectral sequence. As a byproduct, the equivariant cohomology up to degree three is determined in all cases. The equivariant cohomology with certain local coefficients is also considered in relation to the twists of the Freed-Moore KK-theory