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    Theoretical review of diffractive phenomena

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    We review QCD based descriptions of diffractive deep inelastic scattering emphasising the role of models with parton saturation. These models provide natural explanation of such experimentally observed facts as the constant ratio of the diffractive and total cross sections as a function of the Bjorken variable, and Regge factorization of diffractive parton distributions. The Ingelman-Schlein model and the soft color interaction model are also presented.Comment: plenary presentation at the Baryon04, 25-29 October 2004, Palaiseau, Franc

    Drell-Yan production with the CCFM-K evolution

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    We discuss the Drell-Yan dilepton production using the transverse momentum dependent parton distributions evolved with the Catani-Ciafaloni-Fiorani-Marchesini-Kwieci\'nski (CCFM-K) equations in the single loop approximation. Such equations are obtained assuming angular ordering of emitted partons (coherence) for x∼1x\sim 1 and transverse momentum ordering for x≪1x \ll 1. This evolution scheme also contains the Collins-Soper-Sterman (CSS) soft gluon resummation. We make a comparison with a broad class of data on transverse momentum spectra of low mass Drell-Yan dileptons.Comment: 29 pages, 9 figure
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