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    Domain wall fermions and the strange quark mass

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    The strange quark mass has been computed using a lattice action which possesses continuum--like chiral symmetry to good precision, namely the domain wall fermion action. This talk surveys this action and the recent calculation of m_s by the RIKEN/BNL/CU collaboration. This result is put into context by briefly summarizing other recent lattice studies.Comment: Talk presented at QCD99. 4 page

    2nd Floor Jordan Hall East Men\u27s Rest Room

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    The Hidden Future

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    We argue that the part of the future which is up to us is in principle unknowable

    Rock sampling

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    An apparatus for sampling rock and other brittle materials and for controlling resultant particle sizes is described. The device includes grinding means for cutting grooves in the rock surface and to provide a grouping of thin, shallow, parallel ridges and cutter means to reduce these ridges to a powder specimen. Collection means is provided for the powder. The invention relates to rock grinding and particularly to the sampling of rock specimens with good size control

    Small NGO Schools in India: Implications for Access and Innovation

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    In addition to the proliferation of private, fee-paying schools in India, NGOs play an important role in providing educational services, especially in un-served and under-served communities. This paper uses qualitative research to critically examine the nature and potential of NGO provision of primary schooling in India. In particular, it explores the contributions of one NGO programme which has sought to increase access for socially and economically marginalised children by establishing and providing support for small, rural, multigrade schools. The paper argues that NGO programmes like these have had positive impacts in terms of both access and quality because, firstly, the programmes are small-scale and locally-rooted, and secondly, their organisation allows for greater flexibility and room for innovation in areas such as curriculum design, teacher education, and school networking than is commonly possible within government schools

    Preparing rock powder specimens of controlled size distribution

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    Apparatus produces rock powder specimens of the size distribution needed in geological sampling. By cutting grooves in the surface of the rock sample and then by milling these shallow, parallel ridges, the powder specimen is produced. Particle size distribution is controlled by changing the height and width of ridges
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