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    Unrecognized Backscattering in Low Energy Beta Spectroscopy

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    We present studies on electron backscattering from the surface of plastic scintillator beta detectors. By using a setup of two detectors coaxial with a strong external magnetic field - one detector serving as primary detector, the other as veto-detector to detect backscattering - we investigate amount and spectrum of unrecognized backscattering, i.e. events where only one detector recorded a trigger signal. The implications are important for low energy particle physics experiments.Comment: 5 pages, 8 figures; v2: published NIM A versio

    The point spread function of electrons in a magnetic field, and the decay of the free neutron

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    Experiments in nuclear and particle physics often use magnetic fields to guide charged reaction products to a detector. Due to their gyration in the guide field, the particles hit the detector within an area that can be considerably larger than the diameter of the source where the particles are produced. This blurring of the image of the particle source on the detector surface is described by a suitable point spread function (PSF), which is defined as the image of a point source. We derive simple analytical expressions for such magnetic PSFs, valid for any angular distribution of the emitted particles that can be developed in Legendre polynomials. We investigate this rather general problem in the context of neutron beta decay spectrometers and study the effect of limited detector size on measured neutron decay correlation parameters. To our surprise, insufficient detector size does not affect much the accuracy of such measurements, even for rather large radii of gyration. This finding can considerably simplify the layout of the respective spectrometers.Comment: 24 pages, 12 figure

    Vector mesons in qqˉqˉq\bar q\bar q systems

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    A new selection rule is described for the vector mesons in the decuplet representations of flavor SU(3)Comment: 7 pages and 1 figur
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