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    Doing numerical cosmology with the Cactus code

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    The article presents some aspects concerning the construction of a new thorn for the Cactus code, a complete 3-dimensional machinery for numerical relativity. This thorn is completely dedicated to numerical simulations in cosmology, that means it can provide evolutions of different cosmological models, mainly based on Friedman-Robertson-Walker metric. Some numerical results are presented, testing the convergence, stability and the applicability of the code.Comment: 18 pages, 8 figures, Late

    On the Wiener Number of Thorn Trees, Stars, Rings, and Rods

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    The concept of thorn graphs proposed recently by Gutman is extended to the broader concept of generalized thorny graphs. The latter preserve unchanged certain parts of the parent graph while applying the procedure of thorn graph generation to the rest of the graph. Thorn stars and rods are typical examples of such generalized thorn graphs, owing to the unchanged star center, and the other-than-terminal rod vertices. Formulae are presented for the Wiener number of these and other classes of (generalized) thorn graphs

    Galilean Supersymmetry in 2+1 Dimensions

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    We review work done in collaboration with C.B. Thorn on Super-Galilei invariant field theory and its application to the reformulation of superstring theory in terms of constituent superstring-bits.Comment: 10 pages, Latex. Talk given at the workshop on low dimensional field theory, Telluride, C