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    Head-to-Head: Which is the Better Cloud Platform for Early Stage Start-up? Docker versus OpenStack

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    The cloud platform has been the top choice when technology startup companies choose the best platforms to deploy their systems. This paper presents a series of decision procedures for choosing the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in cloud computing from the perspective of technology startup companies. We target startup companies as potential users. We have developed a decision tree for assisting entrepreneurs and developers to choose the IaaS according to performance and usability of Docker versus OpenStack. We use the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) as a benchmark for key-value storage. The target databases include MongoDB and Cassandra. The decision assists the technology startup companies to choose the cloud platform with the best fit while developing and deploying the web services.Ope

    Head-to-head comparison of prostate cancer risk calculators predicting biopsy outcome

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    Background: Multivariable risk calculators (RCs) predicting prostate cancer (PCa) aim to reduce unnecessary workup (e.g., MRI and biopsy) by selectively identifying those men at risk for PCa or clinically significant PCa (csPCa) (Gleason ≥7). The lack of an adequate comparison makes choosing between RCs difficult for patients, clinicians and guideline developers. We aim to perform a head-to-head comparison of seven well known RCs predicting biopsy outcome. Methods: Our study comprised 7,119 men from ten independent contemporary cohorts in Europe and Australia, who underwent prostate biopsy between 2007 and 2015. We evaluated the performance of the ERSPC RPCRC, Finne, Chun, ProstataClass, Karakiewicz, Sunnybrook, and PCPT 2.0 (HG) RCs in predicting the presence of any PCa and csPCa. Performance was assessed by discrimination, calibration and net benefit analyses. Results: A total of 3,458 (48%) PCa were detected; 1,784 (25%) men had csPCa. No particular RC stood out predicting any PCa: pooled area under the ROC-curve (AUC) ranged between 0.64 and 0.72. The ERSPC RPCRC had the highest pooled AUC 0.77 (95% CI: 0.73-0.80) when predicting csPCa. Decision curve analysis (DCA) showed limited net benefit in the detection of csPCa, but that can be improved by a simple calibration step. The main limitation is the retrospective design of the study. Conclusions: No particular RC stands out when predicting biopsy outcome on the presence of any PCa. The ERSPC RPCRC is superior in identifying those men at risk for csPCa. Net benefit analyses show that a multivariate approach before further workup is advisable.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Treasury’s Forecasting Performance: A Head-to-Head Comparison

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    Work on assessing Treasury’s forecasting performance to date has focussed on comparisons against consensus forecasts. This study compares Treasury’s GDP and CPI forecast performance against individual private sector forecasters as well as major public sector institutions such as the IMF, OECD and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The head-to-head comparison makes it possible to assess Treasury’s forecasting performance relative to its peers. When compared across all evaluation periods covering 1996-2005, Treasury’s GDP forecast performance was ranked in the middle at seventh out of 16. The large forecast error for the 1998 year had a material impact on Treasury’s overall forecast performance. Treasury’s CPI forecast performance was not as good, placing tenth out of 12. Large forecast errors for the 1998-2000 period accounted for the poor CPI forecast performance. Treasury’s overall forecast performance was better when evaluating only the current year Budget forecasts, placing fourth for GDP and sixth for CPI. This suggests that Treasury is better at forecasting the current year than the year ahead. Consistent with international studies, no single forecaster consistently outperforms the Consensus, with Treasury beating the Mean 30% of the time for GDP and Consensus 33% of the time for CPI. All forecasters find it difficult to pick recessions and turning points. Large forecasting groups generally have a poorer forecasting record on average.Forecast accuracy; New Zealand

    A Low-Dimensional Model of Coordinated Eye and Head Movements

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    Eye and head movement data, were recorded under head fixed and head-free conditions, and compared with theoretical results obtained using a nonlinear model of eye-head coordination. The model explains slow, or pursuit movement correlated closely to target movement, and saccades, or quick phases of eye movement. Eye movement under head-fixed conditions was modeled by an externally forced Duffing equation, whilst properties of head movement are described by a second externally forced Duffing equation with lower eigen frequency. In the more natural, head-free conditions where both eye and head movements are used synergetically to pursue a visual target, the vestibulocular reflex (VOR) is represented by coefficients defining the mutual coupling between these two oscillatory systems. In the present model, the oscillator that models eye movement has an inhibitory influence on head movement; head to eye coupling coefficients are included to model the influence of the VOR mechanism. Individual eye and head movement patterns in different subjects can be adequately modeled by altering the coupling coefficients. In order to adequatcly simulate those changes introduced by microgravity conditions, the coefficients defining eye-head coordination (mutual coupling) must be changed. It may be hypothesized tlmt such changes in the neurovestibular system could introduce the instability in eye-head coordination, which is known to lead to space sickness.Whitehall Foundation (S93-24

    They Go To Your Head

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    The nearest to perfect happiness a woman ever gets is when she is shopping. Not the ordinary every-day kind of shopping for celery, onions, potato chips, salt or white thread (No. 60), but the intriguing, glamorous type of shopping for wearing apparel. This applies to all kinds of clothes; dresses, coats, suits, sweaters, shirts, shoes, purses, and gloves. Hats, however, are another story. They belong in a class by themselves. A woman\u27s true character is often displayed when shopping for a new chapeau

    Head-to-head antisense transcription and R-loop formation promotes transcriptional activation

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    The mechanisms used by antisense transcripts to regulate their corresponding sense mRNAs are not fully understood. Herein, we have addressed this issue for the vimentin (VIM) gene, a member of the intermediate filament family involved in cell and tissue integrity that is deregulated in different types of cancer. VIM mRNA levels are positively correlated with the expression of a previously uncharacterized head-to-head antisense transcript, both transcripts being silenced in colon primary tumors concomitant with promoter hypermethylation. Furthermore, antisense transcription promotes formation of an R-loop structure that can be disfavored in vitro and in vivo by ribonuclease H1 overexpression, resulting in VIM down-regulation. Antisense knockdown and R-loop destabilization both result in chromatin compaction around the VIM promoter and a reduction in the binding of transcriptional activators of the NF-κB pathway. These results are the first examples to our knowledge of R-loop–mediated enhancement of gene expression involving head-to-head antisense transcription at a cancer-related locus
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