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    Some current measurements in the Sargasso Sea

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    Also published as: Deep-Sea Research 12 (1965): 805-814Long-term current measurements at depths of 50 and 100m obtained with Richardson current meters at two deep-water moorings south of Bermuda are reported. The records are dominated by anticyclonic rotations which appear and degenerate, possibly in response to the passage of storms. Spectral analysis of the records indicates that this motion has a period of 24 hours at a depth of 50 m, and 25·3 hours at a depth of 100m. No explanation is given to account for this difference in period over a 50-m separation. Both records indicate the existence of semidiurnal tidal motion. The long-term motions at both depths indicate a systematic change in the net direction of flow over a three-month period.The Office of Naval Research under Contract Nonr-2196(00) NR 083-004

    Informality and the Development and Demolition of Urban Villages in the Chinese Peri-urban Area

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    The fate of Chinese urban villages (chengzhongcun) has recently attracted both research and policy attention. Two important unaddressed questions are: what are the sources of informality in otherwise orderly Chinese cities; and, will village redevelopment policy eliminate informality in the Chinese city? Reflecting on the long-established study of informal settlements and recent research on informality, it is argued that the informality in China has been created by the dual urban-rural land market and land management system and by an underprovision of migrant housing. The redevelopment of chengzhongcun is an attempt to eliminate this informality and to create more governable spaces through formal land development; but since it fails to tackle the root demand for unregulated living and working space, village redevelopment only leads to the replication of informality in more remote rural villages, in other urban neighbourhoods and, to some extent, in the redeveloped neighbourhoods. © 2012 Urban Studies Journal Limited

    Moon - Glow

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    Isothermal heat flux sensing unit Final report, Jun. 21, 1967 - Jan. 2, 1968

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    Thermal analysis, theory of operation, and operating instructions for isothermal heat flux sensing uni

    New functional redundancy approaches for attitude control thruster systems

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    Functional redundancy safeguards for inert gas attitude control thruster system

    Editorial: Learning on the Boundaries - an Invitation to Pool Boundary-crossing Learning Objects

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