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    Exploratory Pharmacokinetics of Geniposide in Rat Model of Cerebral Ischemia Orally Administered with or without Baicalin and/or Berberine

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    Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang (HLJDT), a classical Chinese prescription, has been clinically employed to treat cerebral ischemia for thousands of years. Geniposide is the major active ingredient in HLJDT. The aim is to investigate the comparative evaluations on pharmacokinetics of geniposide in MCAO rats in pure geniposide, geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine, and geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine‚ÄČ:‚ÄČbaicalin. Obviously, the proportions of geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine, geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČbaicalin, and geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine‚ÄČ:‚ÄČbaicalin were determined according to HLJDT. In our study, the cerebral ischemia model was reproduced by suture method in rats. The MCAO rats were randomly assigned to four therapy groups and orally administered with different prescription proportions of pure geniposide, geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine, geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČbaicalin, and geniposide‚ÄČ:‚ÄČberberine‚ÄČ:‚ÄČbaicalin, respectively. The concentrations of geniposide in rat serum were determined using HPLC, and main pharmacokinetic parameters were investigated. The results indicated that the pharmacokinetics of geniposide in rat serum was nonlinear and there were significant differences between different groups. Berberine might hardly affect the absorption of geniposide, and baicalin could increase the absorption ability of geniposide. Meanwhile, berberine could decrease the absorption increase of baicalin on geniposide
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