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    The discrete contribution to ψJ/ψ+γγ\psi^{\prime}\to J/\psi+\gamma\gamma

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    The decay mode ψ(2S)J/ψ+γγ\psi(2S)\to J/\psi+\gamma\gamma is proposed in order to experimentally identify the effects of the coupling of charmonium states to the continuum DDˉD\bar D states. To have a better understanding of such a two-photon decay process, in this work we restrict ourselves to investigate the contribution of the discrete part, in which the photons are mainly produced via the intermediate states χcJ(nP)\chi_{cJ}(nP). Besides calculating the resonance contributions of χcJ(1P)  (J=0,1,2)\chi_{cJ}(1P)\; (J=0,1,2), we also take into account the contributions of the higher excited states χcJ(2P)\chi_{cJ}(2P) and the interference effect among the 1P and 2P states. We find that the contribution of the 2P states and the interference terms to the total decay width is very tiny. However, for specific regions of the Dalitz plot, off the resonance peaks, we find that these contributions are sizable and should also be accounted for. We also provide the photon spectrum and study the polarization of J/ψJ/\psi.Comment: 19 pages, 5 figures, minor changes, references added, accepted version in PR