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Goodbye to Projects? Working paper 1: Annotated bibliography on livelihood approaches and development interventions.

By Anna L. Toner and David Howlett


YesThis paper is one in a series of working papers prepared under a research project on Goodbye to Projects? The Institutional Impacts of a Livelihood Approach on Projects and Project Cycle Management.\ud This is a collaborative project between the Bradford Centre for International Centre for Development (BCID) with the Economic and Policy Research Centre (EPRC), Uganda; Khanya ¿ managing rural change, South Africa; and, the Institute for Development Management (IDM), Tanzania. The project is supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) under their Economic and Social Research Programme (ESCOR).Department for International Developmen

Topics: Institutions, Livelihoods, Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches (SLAs), Development interventions, Project cycle management, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania
Publisher: Bradford Centre for International Development
Year: 2001
OAI identifier:
Provided by: Bradford Scholars

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