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Switching by Photochemical <i>trans–cis</i> Isomerization of Azobenzene Substituents in Organoplatinum Complexes

By Mohamed E. Moustafa (2046862), Matthew S. McCready (2015152) and Richard J. Puddephatt (1588843)


A diimine ligand, LL = 2-C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>4</sub>NCHN-4-C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>4</sub>NNPh, which carries a <i>trans</i>-azobenzene substituent, forms the dimethylplatinum­(II) complex [PtMe<sub>2</sub>(LL)], which undergoes <i>trans</i> oxidative addition with MeI, PhCH<sub>2</sub>Br, Br<sub>2</sub>, and I<sub>2</sub> to give the corresponding organoplatinum­(IV) complexes [PtIMe<sub>3</sub>(LL)], [PtBrMe<sub>2</sub>(CH<sub>2</sub>Ph)­(LL)], [PtBr<sub>2</sub>Me<sub>2</sub>(LL)], and [PtI<sub>2</sub>Me<sub>2</sub>(LL)], respectively. The ligand and the platinum­(II) and platinum­(IV) complexes are shown to undergo <i>trans–cis</i> isomerization of the azobenzene substituent upon irradiation, and the <i>cis</i> isomers then underwent slow thermal isomerization back to the more stable <i>trans</i> isomers

Topics: Biophysics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Developmental Biology, Marine Biology, Mathematical Sciences not elsewhere classified, Chemical Sciences not elsewhere classified, cis isomers, 5H, Organoplatinum ComplexesA diimine ligand, Azobenzene Substituents, LL, trans isomers, trans oxidative addition, PtI 2Me, PtBr 2Me, azobenzene substituent, complex, isomerization
Year: 2012
DOI identifier: 10.1021/om3005405.s001
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