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ВИГНАННЯ ІНШОГО: ДОЛЯ БОЖЕВІЛЛЯ ТА СМЕРТІ В СИСТЕМІ РАЦІОНАЛЬНОСТІ МОДЕРНУ.\ud (The Banishment of the Another: the fate of madness and death in modern rationality system.)\ud

By О. (А. Voronyuk) Воронюк


Стаття присвячена спробі розкриття логіки розгортання модерної раціональності у її ставленні до проблемі Іншого (божевілля та смерті). Особлива увага приділяється метафізичним та со-ціокультурним образам смерті та божевілля, аналізується позиція шизоаналізу з проблеми єдності капіталізму та шизофренії.\ud (The article is dedicated to the problem of discriminating the radical otherness of death and madness from the point of view of the modern's rationality. The topicality of the issue lays in general review of the modern as being rational and in shifting the emphasis from the imperious relations to understanding and dialog with the otherness. It was discovered that this discrimination is closely connected to the establishment of the capitalism in economics and ethics and rationality of the instrumental mind in philosophy and science. The discrimination strategy of madness and death by modern was first and foremost manifested in the rationalization of these phenomena and their subjection to the logic of sameness. Being the spheres of the radical otherness, madness and death turned out to be deprived of the positive evaluative and metaphysical connotation and became institutionally isolated. The dead and the mad are deprived of sacral characteristics and are included into the general system of the rationalization and generalization of the trivial. As a result they arise only as phantoms, the reverse sides of absolutely positive values of life as of the continuous accumulation and the self-awareness of the Cartesian cogito as the sole self-evidence of mind. This isolation results in penetration of madness and death into the very system of the modern's rationality. Madness and death become implicit phenomena of the capitalistic logic of universal value of work and metaphysical logic of sameness of the instrumental mind and the Cartesian subject. Schizophrenia and necrophilia are becoming typical phenomena of the modern. Relying on the works of French poststructuralists and theoreticians of the schizoanalysis is emphasized the necessity of radical review of the attitude to death and madness in the age ofpostmodern.

Topics: Philosophy
Publisher: Видавництво Національного університету «Острозька академія»
Year: 2013
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