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    Descriptive Study On Destination Image Perception By The Surabaya Domestic Tourists

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    Tourist destinations is an important sector role inthe economy. For that a tourist destination should be handled properly in order to meet the expectations of tourists and the community. Indicators that can be used to find out how the performance of tourist destinations is the image of tourism destinations. This study aims to describe how the image of tourists to the city of Surabaya as a tourist destination. Dimensions are used to measure the perceptions of tourists are (1) environmental beauty and convenience, (2) the country’s citizens,(3) place and architectural structure, (4) shopping and tourist accommodation, and (5) local culture and cuisine. The results showed that respondents are divided into 2 based on the perception of the destination image Surabaya city. The most positive image in the dimension of the shopping and accommodation, and the lowest image is the structure of space and architecture. Tourists give the perception that the city of Surabaya has a shopping tour of interesting places to visit, but the historic sights and natural attractions are still not yet become an attractive option to visit

    Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Alkaline Pretreated Coconut Coir

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    The purpose of this research is to study the effect of concentration and temperature on the cellulose and lignin content, and the reducing sugars produced in the enzymatic hydrolysis of coconut coir. In this research, the coconut coir is pretreated using 3%, 7%, and 11% NaOH solution at 60oC, 80oC, and 100oC. The pretreated coir were assayed by measuring the amount of cellulose and lignin and then hydrolysed using Celluclast and Novozyme 188 under various temperature (30oC, 40oC, 50oC) and pH (3, 4, 5). The hydrolysis results were assayed for the reducing sugar content. The results showed that the alkaline delignification was effective to reduce lignin and to increase the cellulose content of the coir. The best delignification condition was observed at 11% NaOH solution and 100oC which removed 14,53% of lignin and increased the cellulose content up to 50,23%. The best condition of the enzymatic hydrolysis was obtained at 50oC and pH 4 which produced 7,57 gr/L reducing sugar

    Government support on industrial cluster development: some lessons

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    In the global market, competition among countries is likely between industrial cluster rather than individual firms. Developed and less developed countries strive to create global competitive and sustainable cluster which can attract investment and develop regional economy. Understanding best practices from the successful cluster development is valuable. This paper presents some lessons from an exploratory study investigating the industrial cluser development in Australia. The Australian government programs on cluster development is presented, and some lessons covering the cluster approach policy, cluster manager appointment, cluster sustainability, networking events, and use of ICT are discussed

    Isolation And Identification Of Solasodine From The Fruit Of Solanum Melongena L.

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    This research was aimed at isolating solasodine from the fruit of Solanum melongena L. and identifying the product of isolation. The isolation was performed initially by direct method steam distillation followed by reflux with concentrated hydrochloric acid to extract the intended substance. Identification of the product was conducted using color test with sulfuric acid (H2SO4), color test according to Briggs and Salkowski, thin layer chromatography (TLC), and Fourier transform−infrared spectrophotometry (FTIR). The reaction of the product and H2SO4 gave a brown coloration, while the result of TLC demonstrated a brown spot with retardation factor (Rf) similar to that of standard solasodine, and the IR spectrum showed peaks similar to those of standard. These results confirmed that solasodine existed in the extract of Solanum melongena L.s fruit and therefore direct method live steam distillation followed by reflux can be used to isolate solasodine from the fruit

    Regime Switching GARCH : An Application to Dowjones Index Return

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    Since firstly proposed by Engle (1982) and Bollerslev (1986), ARCH-GARCH models have been used to describe volatility behaviors of time series, especially in stock market analysis. One of the weaknesses of ARCH-GARCH is its inability to model behavior transition between high volatilities and low volatilities. In this research, markov switching GARCH is investigated and applied to capture the presence of different volatility regimes, i.e. low volatilities regime and high volatility regime in Dowjones index return. However, there is no information to decide which observations belong to each of the regimes, and to account this difficulty, EM algorithm is applied for parameter estimation. The result shows that Dowjones index return includes two volatility regimes. The transition matrix of the model yields that low volatility regime is often happened than the high one

    A New Strategy to Stabilize Oxytocin in Aqueous Solutions: I. The Effects of Divalent Metal Ions and Citrate Buffer

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    In the current study, the effect of metal ions in combination with buffers (citrate, acetate, pH 4.5) on the stability of aqueous solutions of oxytocin was investigated. and divalent metal ions (Ca2+, Mg2+, and Zn2+) were tested all as chloride salts. The effect of combinations of buffers and metal ions on the stability of aqueous oxytocin solutions was determined by RP-HPLC and HP-SEC after 4 weeks of storage at either 4°C or 55°C. Addition of sodium or potassium ions to acetate- or citrate-buffered solutions did not increase stability, nor did the addition of divalent metal ions to acetate buffer. However, the stability of aqueous oxytocin in aqueous formulations was improved in the presence of 5 and 10 mM citrate buffer in combination with at least 2 mM CaCl2, MgCl2, or ZnCl2 and depended on the divalent metal ion concentration. Isothermal titration calorimetric measurements were predictive for the stabilization effects observed during the stability study. Formulations in citrate buffer that had an improved stability displayed a strong interaction between oxytocin and Ca2+, Mg2+, or Zn2+, while formulations in acetate buffer did not. In conclusion, our study shows that divalent metal ions in combination with citrate buffer strongly improved the stability of oxytocin in aqueous solutions


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    In this 20th century, technology development becomes very fast, includes internet. This condition gave easiest and fastest way to access any kind of information, including pornography. This research aimed to explore the corelation of attitude of adolescents to pornography in internet and their sexual behavior. Using 50 senior high school students which came to internet rental at the age of 15-19 years old, had chosed by incidental sampling, the results showed that there is a positive and significant correlation between attitudes of pornography in internet with sexual behovior of adolescents (r:0.371, and p:0.009). Sexual behovior was measured from behavior of awakening and exploration, autosexuality and heterosexuality that is including kissing necking petting, heavy petting, and copulation. From pornography in internet, adolescents only learn that sex is somehow more romantic or less wrong if it "just happens " and full of passion. By portraying spontaneous, unplanned genital intercourse as the ultimate pleasure, these programs model a behavior that puts teens at increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies. Community counseling approach gave complete and integrated intervention model to help adolescents. For community direct intervention, non traditional sex education for adolescents was designed as community-wide educational programs And for community indirect intervention, suggested government to make regulation for internet rental business. Individual, group and peer counseling for the direct clients intervention. And parents', teachers' developing program for indirect clients' intervention

    Pertumbuhan Produktivitas Perusahaan Manufaktur Indonesia dan Penanaman Modal Asing: Penerapan Metode Dekomposisi

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    Tulisan ini mengkaji pertumbuhan produktivitas perusahaan lokal Indonesia dikarenakan masuknya penanaman modal asing (PMA). Dengan memanfaatkan data survei perusahaan manufaktur oleh Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) periode 1988-2000, tulisan ini mendekomposisi pertumbuhan produktivitas (productivity growth) perusahaan manufaktur Indonesia menjadi tiga sumber penting: perubahan efisiensi teknis, kemajuan teknologi, dan perubahan efisiensi skala. Hasil memperlihatkan bahwa rata-rata pertumbuhan produktivitas total (TFP) antara 1988 dan 2000 adalah 3,51, dan sumber utama yang berkontribusi terhadap pertumbuhan produktivitas berasal dari kemajuan teknologi. Temuan menarik muncul ketika data dibagi menjadi dua kelompok: perusahaan asing dan perusahaan lokal. Ditemukan bahwa perusahaan asing mengalami pertumbuhan produktivitas yang lebih besar daripada perusahaan lokal, khususnya pada periode krisis ekonomi

    Sustainable Business Innovation to Win the Competition :A Case Study of Innovation by Wayan in Bullfrog Farming in Bali

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    Innovation  is  the  essence  of  business  survival.  Without innovation,  there  is  no  business  that  can  survive  to compete for the future. Innovation is not only for the large  business or in  the hightech sectors, but also for the small  business such as bullfrog farming in agribusiness sector.   Mr. Wayan as a frog farmer is a good example of a very  tough and perseverance frog farmer who always take the  obstacle  as  a  challenge  to  make  better  innovation.  This what made his different than the others farmer. As the  result, Mr Wayan now has exist as frog farmer for more  than a half of his age and become  the biggest frog farmer  in  Bali  Indonesia.  Many  innovations  have  been  done,  including  batteray pond, frog food, how to handle  frog  disseseas, methods of  making frog grow optimally, until  build network to sell the frog. All of his  innovation idea  came from  love and patience in the frog business. He give  many ideas for developing good bullfrog farm

    The Role of Kansei Engineering in Influencing Overall Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention in Service Encounters

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    Customers today concern themselves more on fulfilling their emotional needs rather than rationales and functionalities. In dealing with customer emotions in products/services, Kansei Engineering (KE) is applied. A comprehensive case study in luxury hotels was conducted. Eighty one Indonesian, 75 Singaporean, and 74 Japanese tourists participated in this survey. It aims to investigate the relationships among constructs during service encounter process. The finding shows that emotions (affective process) play a significant role as a complement to cognitive process in influencing customer satisfaction. Among 3 populations, Japanese was found to be more Kansei-oriented customer. Keywords: Kansei Engineering, emotional needs, customer satisfactio
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