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    Kontroversi Pidana Kelalaian Tenaga Medis

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    Artikel semi ilmiah, riset studi kasus dan pustak

    The Relationship between News Portals Sentiment and GoTo Stock Daily Price Movement

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    PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GoTo), the first decacorn in Indonesia, has shown its com- mitment to supporting global sustainable development goals by 2030. GoTo started its Initial Public Offering on 11 April 2022, and has attracted national news portals to write about its business performances. This research investigates the relationship between news portal sen- timent and GoTo stock daily price movement. Firstly, articles from news portals related to GoTo were collected from 12 April to 30 September 2022. Next, Netlytics monitoring tools were used to categorize articles as positive or negative sentiments, and the simple linear re- gression analysis was done using Microsoft Excel. The result shows a moderate positive cor- relation between news portals sentiment and GoTo stock daily price movement (r = 0.41 ; p = 0.0018), but it also proves that the former could not be used as a sole indicator to predict the latter (R2 = 0.1685 ; p = 0.0018). Finally, it reveals that 32.7 % of articles with positive sentiment were published on the same days as the days with stock price increases, and the news about the increase in GoTo transactions and revenues dominated those articles

    Designing Educational Facilities that Outrun Railways to be Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable

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    Abstract. In recent years, Surabaya as one of the Metropolitan cities in Indonesia has become increasingly crowded. Through the increasing level of urbanization in Surabaya, peoples purchasing power of land has decreased and the number of illegal buildings erected around public facilities is increasing, such as on the outrun of railways. The background and object of this research is an elementary school where less than 2 (two) meters located in the middle of the intersection of two Dupak Magersari railroad tracks, Surabaya. Besides, COVID-19 pandemic is still one of the concerns of all people. During the New Normal, the school may reopen soon. Thus, the goal of this research is to carry out the sustainable school design concerning inclusive, resilience along with safety school operation. The research method begins with a survey and questionnaires to determine the behavior and perceptions of residents related to the existence of the elementary school. The outcomes of the initial survey illustrated that some people think that every accident is fate without realizing that there is a solution to prevent it. Then the results of the analysis from observations and questionnaires are used as a reference in providing solutions for both problems in the short and long term in the form of safe and sustainable school design

    Effective Scheduling of Multi-Load Automated Guided Vehicle in Spinning Mill: A Case Study

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    In the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), where material processing is carried out in the form of tasks from one department to another, the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is significant. The application of multiple-load AGVs can be understood to boost FMS throughput by multiple orders of magnitude. For the transportation of materials and items inside a warehouse or manufacturing plant, an AGV, a mobile robot, offers extraordinary industrial capabilities. The technique of allocating AGVs to tasks while taking into account the cost and time of operations is known as AGV scheduling. Most research has exclusively addressed single-objective optimization, whereas multi-objective scheduling of AGVs is a complex combinatorial process without a single solution, in contrast to single-objective scheduling. This paper presents the integrated Local Search Probability-based Memetic Water Cycle (LSPM-WC) algorithm using a spinning mill as a case study. The scheduling model’s goal is to maximize machine efficiency. The scheduling of the statistical tests demonstrated the applicability of the proposed model in lowering the makespan and fitness values. The mean AGV operating efficiency was higher than the other estimated models, and the LSPM-WC surpassed the different algorithms to produce the best result

    Optimalisasi Rute Pengiriman Dengan Meminimasi Jarak Menggunakan Saving Matrix: Sebuah Studi Kasus

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    CV. X is a business entity in Surabaya that operates and focuses on making pillows and bolsters for local needs. This business entity often delivers products within the city of Surabaya and outside the city of Surabaya. Based on a sample of one of the data obtained from product deliveries in the past, it was found that the percentage of utility from the cargo of transport vehicles was still not high and there were repeated deliveries on the same day on different vehicles. The problem found is in the form of Capacitated VRP (CVRP) which is an optimization problem to find a route with a minimum cost with vehicles and a certain capacity. The proposal made is to determine the delivery route using the Saving matrix method and make a suggestion in the form of making an SOP for product delivery. After calculating the past data from July to September 2022 using the saving matrix method, a distance savings of 12.11 km was obtained and the highest savings in the number of transport vehicles was 2 vehicles. In addition, there was an increase in % utility in product delivery vehicles with a value of 20%

    An Analysis of Indonesian Subtitles Translation Strategy in the Movie Ne Zha

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    Subtitle translation is a little bit different from general translation. Technically, subtitle translation has a lot of limitations, for example, space limits and time constraints. In addition, the differences between the source language and the target language become other obstacles. To solve these obstacles, the translator could use the help of translation strategies. The purpose of this research is to analyze the translation problems existing in a Chinese movie and analyze the result of translation strategies used in its subtitle. To analyze the subtitle in �Ne Zha� (2019), the writer used Gottlieb�s ten translation strategies with the qualitative method. The results show that 28 lines in the subtitles do not match the dialogues and the contexts of the movie. From those 28 lines, paraphrasing is the most frequently used. The reason why paraphrasing is the highest is that there are different grammatical structures between the source language and the target language. Therefore, the translator needs to adjust the Chinese subtitles to Indonesian grammar during translation. However, in the process of the adjustment, the translator not only needs to be able to translate the meaning of the source language into the target language but also needs to understand the plot in the movie to be able to produce good translation results

    A study of management decisions to adopt emission reduction measures in heavy industry in an emerging economy

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    Heavy industry can face challenges in choosing applicable climate change mitigation measures due to a lack of technical background and practical guidance. A better understanding of these determinants is needed to design region-specific climate policies that most effectively enable more �successful� low carbon transitions. Set in an emerging economy, this study aims to understand the determinants which underlie investment decision-making in greenhouse gas reduction. It relies on empirical research using an exploratory case study method in the leading cement company in Indonesia. The results show four key determinants influencing (constraining) adoption were (1) the primacy of profit-seeking objectives in operational planning and development; (2) the availability of sources (clinker substitutes and alternative energy fuels); (3) the limited access to cash capital; and (4) the complexity in implementing emissions reduction projects. The inquiry also compares determinants in an emerging and developed country to provide a comparative perspective on emissions management in manufacturing. It appears that firms from the industrial sector in emerging economies have investment strategies that are largely characterised by activities that accentuate achieving financial benefits or best value for money or cost savings in a short time frame, or �short-termism�. Currently, greenhouse gas emissions management activities tend to be second-preference strategies for firms in emerging economies, at least in the industrial manufacturing sector

    Transformasi Digital Pembelajaran Sastra: Studi Kasus di Prodi Inggris Universitas Kristen Petra

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    Dewasa ini internet dan digital telah merambah ke semua bidang kehidupan kita, dan mengubah praktik-praktik yang ada. Perubahan ini begitu masif sehingga para pakar menyatakan bahwa kita hidup di era transformasi digital. Awalnya, transformasi digital ini merupakan satu istilah di bidang bisnis dan industri. Namun dalam perkembangannya, istilah ini juga merujuk pada transformasi sebagai dampak dari pemakaian teknologi digital di bidang lain, termasuk bidang pendidikan. Transformasi digital di bidang pendidikan seharusnya bukan hanya meliputi pemakaian teknologi digital di kelas, namun juga meliputi penerapan metode baru dalam proses pembelajaran. Dalam makalah ini, yang berupa action research report, penulis menunjukkan bahwa transformasi digital diterapkan dalam praktik pembelajaran dalam satu proyek atau mata kuliah di Prodi Inggris, Fakultas Humaniora dan Industri Kreatif, Universitas Kristen Petra. Metode penelitian yang dipakai adalah metode penelitian studi kasus karena penulis memilih satu kasus untuk menjelaskan permasalahan terkait dengan transformasi digital dalam pembelajaran sastra. Proyek tersebut diobservasi. Berdasarkan observasi yang dilakukan, penulis menjelaskan seperti apa proyek tersebut dan bagaimana implementasinya. Temuan yang diperoleh menunjukkan bahwa mahasiswa memerlukan kreativitas dan keterampilan digital agar mampu menghasilkan luaran seperti yang termaktub dalam proyek tersebut. Untuk membantu mahasiswa menumbuhkembangkan kreativitas dan keterampilan digitalnya, proyek tersebut memerlukan integrasi teknologi informasi dan komunikasi ke dalam proses pembelajarannya, yang dilakukan dengan cara yang inovatif. Dan ini merupakan fitur penting dalam proyek ini, yang merupakan dasar untuk transformasi digital dalam pembelajaran sastra

    The Construction of Masculinity in Layangan Putus

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    A phenomenal sinetron, Layangan Putus, has enraptured and polarized Indonesian audiences for the last few months. Foregrounding the topic of marriage and infidelity, it is a fertile site of the study of gender and its construction of both femininity and masculinity. With its accessibility and popularity, sinetron is a powerful tool of the construction of identity and identification and is a source of potent, though sometimes invisible, ideologies. The construction of masculinity is evident in both the male and female characters and in their roles and relationships with their partners, children and friends. In the main male character, Aris, who is portrayed as dominant, idolized, charismatic, yet manipulative, the notion of a modern man with his capability to provide and attract women is foregrounded. This notion is in full contrast to another male character, Eros,who is portrayed as a �failed� husband. The construction of masculinity is also established through Aris� position in the social ladder of the ideal man as the other men and women look up to him as the alpha male. The notion of masculinity; however, is also evident in Miranda. This suggests that masculinity is not an intrinsic value of men, but rather a constructed notion, represented in social practices

    Dynamics in post-pandemic architecture: Integrative literature review in response to post-pandemic built environment

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    Dynamics in post-pandemic architecture refers to dynamics in architecture as implication of disease spread in a building for averting a future pandemic. The highly contagious and rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused changes in the architecture and way of life. The built environment needs proper strategies to act as a facilitator for averting the spread of disease in the future. The implications of disease spread and strategies for dynamics in post-pandemic architecture will be reviewed and discussed in this study. Integrative literature review used in this article is a systematic method to define previous research, relate concepts and relevant studies by reanalyses the data for future research. The first step is systematically clear selection; the second step is coding; the third step is synthesis. The integrative review considered 102 papers (of which 40 were reviewed). It was discovered that there were no articles that incorporated previous study findings comprehensively. Six strategies for future dynamics in architecture post-pandemic are revealed: control of architectural density, control of peripheries and spread, control of interaction, control of mobility, control of access, and new protocols and standards for spatial. Each strategy demonstrated the interaction between dynamics in post-pandemic architecture and security-pandemic variables in built environment. The findings: identification of the dynamics in architecture post-pandemic strategies that affect the built environment in preventing disease spread in the future. This will support future research in defining appropriate future research designs and understanding the need for holistic analysis of the integrated effects of diverse dynamics in post-pandemic architecture


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