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    Review: And Now I Spill the Family Secrets

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    A review of the 2021 book by Margaret Kimball, “And Now I Spill the Family Secrets: An Illustrated Memoir,” for inclusion in ARLIS/NA's 2021 Notable Graphic Novels Review

    Review: The Legend of Auntie Po

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    A review of the 2021 book by Shing Yin Khor, “The Legend of Auntie Po,” for inclusion in ARLIS/NA's 2021 Notable Graphic Novels Review

    Arabic-Type Books Printed in Wallachia, Istanbul, and Beyond

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    This first volume of Collected Works of the ERC Project TYPARABIC focuses on the history of printing during the 18th century in the Ottoman Empire and the Romanian Principalities among diverse linguistic and confessional communities. Although "most roads lead to Istanbul," the many pathways of early modern Ottoman printing also connected authors, readers and printers from Central and South-Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the Levant. The papers included in this volume are grouped in three sections. The first focuses on the first Turkish-language press in the Ottoman capital, examining the personality and background of its founder, İbrahim Müteferrika, the legal issues it faced, and its context within the multilingual Istanbul printing world. The second section brings together studies of printing and readership in Central and South-East Europe in Romanian, Greek and Arabic. The final section is made up of studies of the Arabic liturgical and biblical texts that were the main focus of Patriarch Athanasios III Dabbās’ efforts in the Romanian Principalities and Aleppo

    Research Activity: Office of Phosphorus

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    This guide outlines a collaborative research activity that introduces students to the governance challenges associated with phosphorus management at both the state and federal level in the United States, through open-ended, exploratory research that allows them to practice identifying, using, and evaluating publicly available resources related to governance. The activity materials include a fictional “Executive Order” establishing the Office of Phosphorus, and a set of step-by-step instructions and questions to investigate public information on governance of phosphorus at the federal level and in North Carolina. This activity can be readily modified to investigate state and local governance structures in other states. This research activity is appropriate for 10th graders through college students. Modified versions of this activity could be used for advanced 8th and 9th graders who have taken at least one course in civics or American government. This activity could be used in a variety of courses related to government, political science, and civics that have a unit focused on environmental regulation and governance. The activity could also be used in classes on environmental science, sustainability, and organizational communication

    Patriarchal Blood Rituals and the Vampire Archetype

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    Correspondences can be identified between (on the one hand) androcentric cosmogonies, ancestral misogyny and tribal blood rituals, and (on the other) the classical paradigm of vampirism, especially in its literary and on-screen flowering. Specifically, the initiatory culture-hero and the archetypal vampire both confer a haematologically-mediated rebirth, via an ancient male, into an intrinsically masculine eternity. Such parallels could account for the success of the senior male vampire as an enduring archetype in the popular imagination. IMPORTANT: Please read the Culturally Sensitive Material warning (beneath the Keywords section on the title page) to inform your decision on whether or not to read the article


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    This study delves into the intricate web of challenges faced by educators in the facilitation of mathematics curriculum contents to students in basic education. Mathematics, as a foundational subject, plays a pivotal role in shaping cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. However, the complexities associated with delivering this curriculum to diverse learners present formidable obstacles. Through a comprehensive exploration of teaching methodologies, resource constraints, and the varying learning needs of students, this research aims to unravel the multifaceted nature of challenges encountered in the classroom. The study employs a mixed-methods approach, combining surveys, interviews, and classroom observations to gather insights from both Math Subject Teachers and Middle Managers within the Lapu-Lapu City Schools Divisions during the academic year 2022- 2023.Also, a total of 143 teachers out of 154 overall mathematics teachers from Lapu-Lapu City Schools Division were taken in as a respondents using slovin’s formula in getting it’s sample population. Simple Percentage and Weighted Mean analysis were utilized to statistically treat the quantitative data while the Likert Scale was used for the qualitative data. The findings contribute to the understanding of barriers hindering effective mathematics education, offering valuable implications for curriculum design, teacher training, and educational policy. Hence, the researcher recommends that the proposed enhanced teaching and learning plan shall be adapted and be given special attention by school administrators and interested teachers. Ultimately, this research seeks to pave the way for innovative solutions to enhance the facilitation of mathematics curriculum contents, ensuring a more accessible and enriching learning experience for basic education students

    Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio

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    A review of the 2020 book by Derf Backderf, "Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio," for inclusion in ARLIS/NA's 2020 Notable Graphic Novels Review

    Elia Suleiman: The Reluctant Star

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    In Transnational Arab stardom : glamour, performance and politic

    Stepping Stones

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    A review of the 2020 book by Lucy Knisley, "Stepping Stones," for inclusion in ARLIS/NA's 2020 Notable Graphic Novels Review

    Review: Stone Fruit

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    A review of the 2021 book by Lee Lai, “Stone Fruit,” for inclusion in ARLIS/NA's 2021 Notable Graphic Novels Review


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