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    Competitiveness analysis of Malaysian natural rubber in the world market / Afiff Aizat Mohd Rasdi

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    Natural rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) is one of the plantation commodities, which plays an important role in the economic development of many countries. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have dominated the supply of natural rubber in the world market. Instead of being a major producing country in the world around years 1970s until the 1980s, Malaysia has lost its position to Thailand and Indonesia. All data used in this study is secondary panel data, which is a combination of time series data. Time series data includes annual data from 1965 to 2015. The data used were collected from FAOSTAT, International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), Department Of Statistics Malaysia, and Malaysian Rubber Board. The method that used to answer the first objective is graph analysis, whereas for the second objective by Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and Herfindahl Hirschman Index (HHI) and for the third objective were measured by Import Deficiency Ratio (IDR) and Self-Sufficiency Ratio (SSR). The result shows that Malaysia has comparative advantage in natural rubber industry is proved by RCA value 1.45 > 1. Meanwhile, HHI value 2832 >1800 showed Malaysian natural rubber industry have a high market concentration in the global market. The average percentage of IDR is 80% - 200% and SSR above 120% showed Malaysian natural rubber industry is relatively more specialized in the natural rubber industry. Based on the research, Malaysia has strong and energized in the rubber industry and dominated 50% market share in the world, which is Malaysia, has high competitiveness level in the rubber industry. As a recommendation, more research is needed to investigate the problems that influence rubber industry in Malaysia

    Qualitative exploration of trust towards online banking for phishing attack victims / Siti Sarah Md Ilyas

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    The number of phishing attacks involving online banking has records an increase percentage over the years in Malaysia. Phishing attacks impact the victims in various sentiments of emotional, mental and physical. The enormous effect is the victims exposed to the psychology of victim-blaming and lose their trust in online banking. This research aimed to investigate the current online trust of phishing attack victims towards online banking and their readiness to use online banking after experiencing phishing attack. This research also intended to propose a set of precaution measures to prevent online phishing attack were proposed based on the victim's point of view in terms of human and technological aspect. Semi structured interviews were conducted with five phishing victim identified through snowball techniques. The results of descriptive qualitative analysis showed that the victims has lost their trust in online banking despite of being reliant to the service prior to the attack. Four of the victims are reluctant to use online banking after the phishing attack. Meanwhile, one victim is still loyal to online banking due to conveniences it provide. The research shows that online banking never directly harmed the victims, but the perpetrator used online banking as the platform to commit malicious attack. Low online trust towards online banking influenced the user's loyalty and interest in online banking. For future improvement, this study should extend the research in developing a reliable anti phishing application to help online banking user in detecting phishing threat. Currently, such application does not exist to assist the user in online banking environment in Malaysia

    Mobile game as a learning aid for C++ control structure / Nur Afiqah Nabilah Noor Aris

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    “Mobile game as a Learning Aid for C++ Control Structure” is a mobile game-based learning application that is built for first year students of C++ programming course and students who want to learn about control structure in programming. A finding found that a majority of first year students who undergo computer programming course were found to have problem in understanding computer programming subject. Second problem found is the level of students’ understanding toward control structures such as while, do-while, for, goto is one of the weakest among all sub topics in programming language. The last problem found in this research is some other factors that lead to poor performance in programming are student’s lack of interest to learn and a syllabus that focused too much on theory. The first objective of this application is to design a game to teach the concept of control structure in C++ using the game-based learning. Second objective is to develop the designed application and last objective is to test the usability of the application. This application used the Constructivism learning theories. The game genre applied is adventure game. Usability testing has been conducted to the respondent at UITM Campus Jasin, Melaka. The respondent consists of students of semester one in Bachelor of Computer Science and Diploma in Computer Science. Result shows that the knowledge of the respondent increasing after using this application. The graph from the pre-test and post-test differs a lot in a positive way. Therefore, this application can be improved in the future to have a better result

    Analysis of the determinants of education expenditures in Malaysia / Najumunisha Abdul Jabbar & Doris Padmini Selvaratnam

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    Expenditure on education helps in improving the skill formation and raises the ability of individuals to produce and work. It is said to be an investment in human capital which is closely connected with the economic development. Government education spending is of great importance to national development and plays a prime role in assisting growth and knowledge deepening. The aim of this study is to build on the established theories of public policy analysis on education and to empirically investigate and analyze the determinants of public expenditure on education in Malaysia. For the occasion of this study, it is posited that education expenditure is determined by multidimensional determinants. A number of theories are therefore incorporated regarding economic-demographics and political concept which have been used in the study. The results reveal that the education policy in Malaysia is mainly determined by budget deficit and the revenue collected by the government with a significant coefficient variables of -0.22and 0.15 percent respectively. Besides, unemployment has an inverse but insignificant impact on total educational expenditures. These results imply that the Malaysian government mainly takes into account only certain factors and neglect to incorporate the importance of other factors, such as demographic and educational indicators, when allocating education expenditures. Whereas Malaysian government education expenditure doesn’t focus on the political factor which is well described by the insignificant level of 0.80 percent of the dummy election cycle variable

    SWAT and ANN model hydrological assessment using Malaysia soil data / Khairi Khalid

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    Flood is a primary hazard affecting Malaysia, often responsible for loss of lives and a severe threat to infrastructure and environment. Activities in flood plain and catchment such as land clearing for other developments effort may increase the magnitude of a flood. The problem of flood management cannot be solved simply by providing more construction of dams and reservoirs. The adoption of a strategic approach is needed for planning and managing that flood management in any watershed. The evolution of distributed watershed models has been established for more accurate representation of the hydrological system by considering the spatial variability of model parameters and inputs. The research aims to evaluate the performance and hydrological response of the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) process-based model in tropical river basin using Malaysia soil data. This study was specific to the upper part of Langat River Basin (UPLRB) in the context of Greater Kuala Lumpur Plan in the southern region. The research also provides a streamflow prediction using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method as another tool for assessment. ArcSWAT2009.93.b, which is embedded in ArcGIS10, has been selected for this study, and the model requires comprehensive data on topography, soils, land use and daily weather data within a watershed. SWAT-CUP, which links SUFI-2 algorithm to SWAT models, has been utilized in the study for the calibration of SWAT models

    Entrepreneurial efforts by Bangladeshi immigrant women in New Zealand: a preliminary analysis / Rubaiyet Hasan Khan, Saida Parvin, Geetha Subramaniam

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    This exploratory research investigates the entrepreneurial orientation among migrant Bangladeshi women in New Zealand. There have been many studies of higher degrees of entrepreneurship among the migrant communities in the western world but this research studies the role and trends among the Bangladeshi migrant women using a mixed method of study. The descriptive statistics show unique trends among this group of women entrepreneurs. The women face various challenges but they also deal with these challenges in their unique ways. The striking trend that was established was that the limited expectations are limiting the growth of the businesses among these group of entrepreneurs in New Zealand. The findings of this research may be of interest among various policy makers both at the national and international levels. This may also be of interest for researchers who study women empowerment concepts around the world

    Integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into university teaching and learning: a case study / Chan Yuen Fook and Gurnam Kaur Sidhu

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    Over the past decade the push for academics to develop competencies in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning has increased. Within the Malaysian context unfortunately, until now there has not been a holistic and conclusive study on the integration of ICT in higher education. This exploratory study examined the integration of ICT among academics for the enhancement of university teaching and learning. A descriptivecorrelational research methodology that employed a survey questionnaire was used in this case study. The data was analyzed using means, standard deviation, t-test, ANOVA, and correlation. The findings indicated that the ICT facilities in the higher instituion left much to be desired and the usage of ICT in teaching among the academics was not at a satisfactory level. Even though a majority of the acdemics are aware of the many benefits of ICT there still exists academics who hold firm to the importance of face-to-face interaction and the didactic role of the instructors. The findings also revealed that the integration of ICT into the classroom focuses mainly on teaching and learning rather than the technical knowhow about computers themselves and how this technology helps support users to participate in the integration of ICT into teaching and learning. However, most of the respondents have shown a keen willingness to adopt ICT in their future teaching and learning processes once proper training and relevant technical support are provided. The findings, in general, can help lecturers, IT staff and university management to manage the integration of ICT in university teaching and learning in a more organized manner. The findings also would enable the faculty to be more responsive to the needs of staff and students to effectively address the critical problems related to the integration of technology into university teaching and learning in ways that are both contextualized and authentic

    Variation in first year college students’ understanding on their conceptions of and approaches to solving mathematical problems / Parmjit Singh

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    A primary goal of mathematics learning and teaching in secondary school is to develop student’s ability to solve a wide variety of complex mathematical problems as a preparatory stage for college. complex mathematical problems as a preparatory stage for college. In view of this, the objective of this paper is to investigate the mastery of content level that first year college students bring with them to the mathematics classroom with reference to their national examination grades (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). The study investigated the conceptions of 127 student and their heuristic actions in mathematical problem solving. Among these students 98.5% had obtained an A grade in the national examination for mathematics. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches, namely written assessment (five mathematical problems) and interviews were utilized in assessing student’s relational understanding of mathematical concepts in problem solving. The percentage of correct responses from these students, who can be considered as the cream of the crop of the nation, for the five items in the written test were 74.8%, 72.4%, 67.7%, 52.8% and 18.9 %.The data indicates that the grades obtained in the national examination did not reflect their mathematical knowledge in mathematical problem solving. The study concludes that capable mathematics students (the ones who obtained an A grade in the national examination) when placed in the context of non-routine problems have difficulty solving what may be considered elementary mathematics for their level of task achievement. This evidence seemingly indicates that many students from high schools are not acquiring the mathematical skills expected of college level mathematics

    Common defect on IBS educational building / Ahmad Danial Mohammed Nor

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    The construction industry plays a major role in Malaysian economic growth. However, the industry is not without weaknesses. The challenges often occur in the area of productivity, efficiency of work, quality of work and the delivery of work. The intensive use of foreign unskilled workers, low technology equipments and out-of-dated construction methods, have eventually caused low productivity and inefficiency of work at construction site. IBS is one of the improved building Systems that are being introduced in the construction industry, to achieve the target of faster completion with mass production of the building elements in places out of its final location in a building. A study was conducted to analyses common defect on IBS educational building in Malaysia. Its may be starting from design stage till installation stage. In this research also analyze a caused of the defect based on 5-difference educational project around Malaysia. In this research it used three methodologies to gather all the data. It used a questionnaire, interview and observation. Every chapter has its own perceptions regarding IBS. The case studies been carried out to 5 project as SMK Setia Alam (Selangor), SKJ (T) Kajang (Selangor), SK Nyiur Tujoh (Terenganu), SK Rantau Panjang (Terenganu) and UiTM Jengka (Pahang). In this research also shows the most common defect and the most causes of the related defect on every case study. Summaries have been made to solve the entire defect from those most main factors the influence to defect

    Strategic approaches in promoting the corporate branding of Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (BMMB) / Norazila Azimi

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    Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, the second full-fledged Islamic bank to be established in Malaysia after Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, is poised to play its role in providing Islamic banking products and services to Malaysians, irrespective of race or religious beliefs, thus contributing to the development of modern Malaysia. It will clarify the extent to which Bank Muamalat current promotion are able to fulfill the consumers need. The research would be able to determine the promotional tools employed by Bank Muamalat whether the consumers aware about their brand name. Thus would enable existing strategies to be used in the future. It is because they have to create the best marketing mix strategies to provide the best for their consumers Based on the problem statement, this research was conducted to achieve these objective, (1) To determine the public awareness towards the Bank Brand (2) To identify whether the consumer's satisfied with the bank name and the bank logo, (3) To identify whether the consumer's satisfy the current promotional strategies towards Bank Muamalat Brand. This project paper consists of chapter. Chapter one is briefly discuss about the company background, problem statement and the objective of the study. Chapter two is Literature Review, where the topic and matters concerned is explain related to the study. Chapter three is Research Methodology, where the method of analyze of the study. Statistical Package for sosial Science (SPSS) has been used to analyze the data in term of frequency and cross tabulation. Chapter four is findings and interpretation and chapter five is conclusion and recommendation
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