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    Assessment of parents' awareness with the child education planner and its needs / Noryanty Shamsudin

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    Children's Insurance was inspired because child was precious. Therefore, MCIS Child Education Planner is an ideal solution to ensure that funds is available to meet the child's education expenses and suitable for the parents that find that it is difficult to fulfill this responsibility unless they systematically set aside funds to meet the high and escalating cost of higher education. The Child Education Plan is a unique policy. This policy does not only enable the parent or guardian to systematically accumulate funds to meet the child's higher education needs in the future but also ensures that funds will be available even in the unfortunate event of the parent not being around. Therefore, the objectives of this research study are to determine the level of parents' awareness regarding the existing Child Education Planner introduced by MCIS, to identify the importance of the C.E.P in order to fulfill child future need. And to identify factor (s) that could increase parent awareness and understanding regarding the Child Plan. The study focuses only to the Fazil Agency (MCIS ZURICH Insurance Agent) in the area of Malacca town area using the descriptive research. The collection of the primary data is sourced from questionnaires taken from simple random sampling

    The effect of role overload, role ambiguity, autonomy and fairness of reward on employees job satisfaction level among office worker / Siti Nur Najihah Sairan

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    Job satisfaction is a very important matter for organization towards their employees. It involved people’s feeling about their work especially employees who experience more challenging work. When employee feel not satisfied with the organization, it can increase employees stress and that can be a big problems towards the organization. This paper investigates some of the factors that can affect employees’ job satisfaction at work among office worker. Office worker deal with creative and professional skills of work and they normally felt pressure. This study used main data collection method by using a questionnaire from office worker at Bangunan Sultan Ismail, Pontian Johor that consists Pejabat Daerah Pontian and Pejabat Tanah Pontian to determine the significant factors that can affect employees’ job satisfaction at work. The total population is 135 employees and from the total population, the sample size of 97 respondents was chosen from using convenience sampling. The finding of this study for independent variable “Role Overload” and “Role Ambiguity” has support the hypothesis and significantly related to the job satisfaction at work but the correlation result indicate that role overload and role ambiguity has negative influence with the job satisfaction. Hence, in order to increase the employee’s job satisfaction at work, all management should work together to find the best factors in maintaining their employees. For further study, it is suggested to change the factors and places where study is conducted

    Identifying and detecting unlawful behavior in video images using genetic algorithm / Shahirah Mohamed Hatim

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    Unlawful behavior detection is one of the important research topic in Video Surveillance System (VSS). This is usually done manually by human. However, this is unfeasible due to the size of images that need to be scan through. Moreover, human are prone to misjudgment. Behaviors are usually detected through surveillance camera in the form of video recording. Video scenes are sequence of picture frame. The focus of this research is to identify and detect unlawful behavior in an academic restricted area. A total number of 95 videos used in the research are based on different types of hand movement which are knocking, twisting, waving and clapping. The videos are stored in avi format which are sampled to the resolution of 200x164 pixels. Each video is of less than 30 seconds length. The data undergo the pre-processed phase which consists of edge detection, adaptive thresholding segmentation and MATLAB regionprops function for feature extraction. The main goal of the research is to apply the concept of Genetic Algorithm (GA) that can classify hand movements as unlawful behavior in videos. GA is used as the method of unlawful behavior detection. Previous research on GA components impact evaluation has identified selection parameter as high potential of increasing GA performance for unlawful behavior detection. Two types of selection parameter namely tournament selection (TOS) and random permutation selection (RPS) are chosen. From the result and analysis obtained in this research, it is established that both TOS and RPS are comparable in terms of the detection rate, specificity, false positive rate, false negative rate and accuracy. It is proven that TOS gives better result of detection than RPS

    The doctoral research abstract. Vol:9 2016 / Institute of Graduate Studies, UiTM

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    FOREWORD: Seventy three doctoral graduands will be receiving their scroll today signifying their achievements in completing their PhD journey. The novelty of their research is shared with you through The Doctoral Abstracts on this auspicious occasion, UiTM 84th Convocation. We are indeed proud that another 73 scholarly contributions to the world of knowledge and innovation have taken place through their doctoral research ranging from Science and Technology, Business and Administration, and Social Science and Humanities. As we rejoice and celebrate your achievement, we would like to acknowledge dearly departed Dr Halimi Zakaria’s scholarly contribution entitled “Impact of Antecedent Factors on Collaborative Technologies Usage among Academic Researchers in Malaysian Research Universities”. He has left behind his discovery to be used by other researchers in their quest of pursuing research in the same area, a discovery that his family can be proud of. Graduands, earning your PhD is not the end of discovering new ideas, invention or innovation but rather the start of discovering something new. Enjoy every moment of its discovery and embrace that life is full of mystery and treasure that is waiting for you to unfold. As you unfold life’s mystery, remember you have a friend to count on, and that friend is UiTM. Congratulations for completing this academic journey. Keep UiTM close to your heart and be our ambassador wherever you go. / Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Hassan Said Vice Chancellor Universiti Teknologi MAR

    Identifying the level of flexibility, speed and agility among visually impaired students / Borhan Yusof, Nagoor Meera Abdullah and Hisam Che Mat

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    Visually impaired and blindness can cause low level of physical capacity, posture problems, orientation difficulties, depressions and problems with balance. Previous studies had indicated that these problems existed among the visually impaired and Visually impaired and blindness . Zabriske and McCormick (2001) defined visually impaired individual as having a limited field of vision either in a tunnel vision stage where the individual have the capability to see limited light source or can detect a minimal light source that aid them in finding direction. According to Ellis (2001) and Palmer (2006), visual impairment referring to individual that have the field of vision at the rate of 40% due to different congenital eye diseases that have a very minimal mobility capacity. Therefore, the needs to do research study on the fitness levels of the visually impaired in Malaysia is crucial since there are limited data in this area especially those related to the motor abilities of the handicapped individuals. Most of the studies done in this area are related to the education development of the VI and TB which focus on the educational instructions, visual aids apparatus, program structures and mainstream programming. However, there are no studies focus on the fitness levels of the VI and TB especially those measuring the level of flexibility, speed and strength of the handicapped individuals

    The effects of future time perspective on motivated learning styles of UiTM basic accounting course: A case of outcome-based education / Dg Ku Habibah Ag Kee

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    The primary focus of the OBE-SCL curriculum implementation will be on what the student had learned and not based on what the lecturers had taught. Thus, the student’s learning style will play the significant role for the successful of OBE-SCL curriculum implementation. The main purpose of this study is to investigate how motivation and future time perspective on the student’s accounting learning style influence the students’ course outcome in UiTM. The sample consisted of 253 respondents who were taking financial accounting and accounting generic codes during the semester July – November 2010 as the first semester for the implementation of Outcome-Based Education Student- Centered learning (OBE-SCL) for all the accounting courses in UiTM Sabah. This study found that, future time perspective had a greater impact to the learning style as compared to motivation, furthermore future time perspective also had significant impact on motivation. Thus, the findings provide a new other discipline such as psychology that is future time perspective into education on which it can play as a motivator role as well as providing more varieties of the prediction on accounting learning styles and in turn improve the student’s course outcomes

    RETURN ITEM: MOHON UPLOAD SEMULA FILE PDF KERANA TELAH "DAMAGE" Effect of Catalyst amount of alumina-supported on Calcium Oxide for Biodiesel production from Rubber seed oil / Iliya Musfirah Zainal Abidin

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    The production of biodiesel from extracted rubber seed oil by using alumina supported on calcium oxide as catalyst was conducted via transesterification reaction. The effect of loading amount of Al2O3/CaO as catalyst upon the percentage yield of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) was investigated. The result showed that the optimum condition for the reaction are 9:1 methanol to oil ratio, 3 hours reaction time at 65°C by using 2.0 g of catalyst produced 63% of FAME. The compositions of FAME present in rubber seed oil are palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Characterization of catalyst of conducted by using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM). The significant band for calcium oxide is 875.89 cm-1 band the significant band for Al2O3 is 588.14cm-1. The surface morphology of the catalyst after calcinations process at 718°C is well agglomerated. Therefore, alumina supported on calcium oxide as catalyst in biodiesel production via tranesterification is successful

    Characterization of PA6 -HDPE nanocomposite with presence of compatibilizer / Syahrul Anam Khalid @ Khalib

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    This thesis project to study the characterization of polymer blends. Today’s polymer is development on new way blend two or more polymer/copolymer to produce new polymer that is chemically and mechanically strengthen up. In this report, the polymer blends of Polyamide (PA6 ) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with presence of compatibilizer, PA6 and HDPE are two immiscible polymers to each other and almost impossible to have a good miscible polymer if these two polymer are extrude together. To overcome the problem regarding to immiscibility, additive agent or compatibilizer, High Density Polyethylene grafted with Maleic Annyhydrate (HDPE-g- MAH) is added to enhance the chemical bonding between PA6 and HDPE polymer. These three elements were being prepared with six different compositions to investigate the effect of compatibilizer to the new polymer blends. The samples were prepared by using twin screw extruder. Extrusion process was done by melting all three components for better mixing. Extruded polymers then were injected into injection moulding for testing and characterization purposes. The samples had been characterized by using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) to observe the formation of new chemical bonds, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) to observe the thermal behavior of new polymer blends and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to investigate the surface morphology. There were three stages involved in this experiment which were extrusion, injection moulding and samples characterization. Prior to these three stages, the materials and samples were dried to avoid moisture absorption by PA6 component that could lead to errors

    The mediating effect of enterprise risk management practices on organizational attributes and organizational performance / Azreen Roslan

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    Risk is inherent in all organizations, but if inefficiently managed will affect the confidence and expectations of the stakeholders. The development of an enterprise risk management (ERM) program enables organizations to manage corporate risks in a holistic manner as opposed to the silo-based perspective in traditional risk management frameworks. ERM is a best practice technique to evaluate and manage risks in an integrated manner to cater to the new economic reality. Further, ERM is a management tool to assist top management to make informed decisions. Past studies have established positive effects of ERM practices, as organizations are better prepared to manage their feasible threats in a holistic and integrated manner. In fact, there are general consensuses of researchers that organizations practicing ERM are found to perform better due to the fact that such organizations are able to ensure that the total risks facing their organization are well managed. More specifically, their current, future and emerging risks are identified and controlled to allow the organization to achieve their strategic objectives. For this to happen, top management support is crucial to drive ERM and ensure better organizational performance. However, evidence pertaining to this is still scarce. As such, this research aims to provide a better understanding of the influence of organizational attributes on the extent of ERM practices towards organizational performance. A research model is developed to examine and evaluate the attributes of ERM practices and its influence on organizational performance. In addition, two underpinning theories namely Agency theory and Contingency theory are used to justify these relationships. The existing empirical evidence with regard to the risk management activities of nonfinancial organizations were collected, in order to gain insight into the extent of ERM practices. A questionnaire survey technique is employed to collect data from the public listed of non financial companies. 102 useable responses were received and further analyzed using the appropriate statistical procedures. The research model was then tested using the partial least squares (PLS) technique. Smart PLS 2.0M3 was used to validate the research model and test the proposed research hypotheses. The empirical results of this research lead to several significant findings. This study confirms that ERM practices positively influences organizational performance. Under the construct of organizational attributes, organizational structure and role clarity are found to have significant positive relationship with the extent of ERM practices. However, the result does not support hypothesized relationships between board composition (board independence and role separation) and the extent ERM practices. In addition, findings showed that the extent of ERM practices mediates the relationship between organizational structure and role clarity with organizational performance. However, the findings showed that the extent of ERM practices does not mediate the relationship between board composition and organizational performance. Theoretically, this study provides further insights on the attributes and outcomes of the extent of ERM practices within Malaysia public listed of non financial companies' context. Methodological and managerial implications were discussed and several possible avenues for future research were identified and proposed. In short, the findings of this study shed new light to the existing ERM literature and provide better assurance to the industry practitioners on the significance of ERM practices in the organization
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