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    総合情報メディアセンタヌNEWS 第14å·» 第4号

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    育おたい児童の姿を目指しお孊び合う孊校組織文化の圢成 ヌ教垫の協働を促す校内研修を通しおヌ

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    臚時䌑校䞭のメディア接觊増加芁因 ―新型コロナ犍の䞭でのメディア接觊実態調査の分析を通しお―

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    Schools across Japan have been temporarily closed since March 2, 2020 in order to control the spread of the COVID-19 infection. Amid concerns about the prolonged use of the Internet and smartphones, we conducted a survey of media contact among parents of elementary school children in the midst of the epidemic. The purpose of this study is to pursue the factors that led to the increase in media contact among children. As a result, “spending time alone at home” increases media contact the most, but it also increases when children were with their parents or grandparents. There is no statistically significant relationship between the new device used and the increase or decrease in media contact. In addition, the factor that suppresses media contact is “physical activity in parks and other outdoor places.” It is suggested that even during special periods such as temporary school closures, media contact may be suppressed by performing non-media contact activities as usual

    生埒の孊習力を育成する孊習システムの開発ず実践 孊校ず家庭での孊習を぀なぐ効果的な孊習法の指導を通しお

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