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    Determination of functional movement screening scores in wrestlers and examination in terms of some variables

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    WOS:000962094500011The aim of this study was to determine functional movement screening (FMS) scores in wrestlers to examine FMS scores in terms of years of sport experience and wrestling weight, and to determine the relationship between FMS score and body mass index (BMI). Materials and methods. Forty-four male wrestlers were included in this study. Functional movement analyses were performed of the wrestlers. In addition, the wrestlers filled out a personal information form which contains information such as age, years of sport experience, wrestling weight, and height. Results. The FMS scores of the wrestlers have been found to be 16.07 ± 1.87. A statistically significant difference has been found in terms of FMS scores according to years of sport experience and wrestling weight (p < 0.05). A statistically significant correlation has been found between the FMS score with BMI (p < 0.05). Conclusions. It has been concluded that the FMS scores of the wrestlers with more years of sport experience are higher, the FMS scores of the wrestlers with low body weight are lower, and the FMS score increases as the BMI increases. It is thought that the functional movement levels of the wrestlers should be evaluated regularly at certain intervals and interpreted according to their characteristics

    Biogenic platinum based nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and their applications for cell cytotoxic, antibacterial effect, and direct alcohol fuel cells

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    In this study, biogenic platinum nanoparticles (Pt NPs) were obtained using the green synthesis method. The obtained Pt NPs were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and the plant extract was characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). With this characterized Pt NPs, cytotoxicity tests on MIAPaCa 2, Hela, HEK 293, Thle 2 cell lines and antibacterial activities on S. Aureus, S. Mutans, E. Coli, E. Faecalis bacterial cell lines were investigated. As a result, it was observed that biogenic Pt NPs showed a cytotoxic effect on cell lines and an antibacterial effect against a series of bacteria. At the same time, in order to show the usability of Pt NPs synthesized by the green synthesis in different areas, studies for alternative clean energy production were also carried out, and in the methanol oxidation reaction study, 5.42 mA.cm−2 anodic peak current was obtained at 0.6 V potential. This showed that nanoparticles obtained by the green synthesis method can be used in alcohol oxidation studies for alternative clean energy generation

    Investigation of gamma radiation shielding characteristics of bismuth reinforced ternary composites in wide photon energy region

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    The aim of this study is to evaluate gamma ray shielding properties for bismuth doped barite-based ternary polymer composite materials. In the first stage of the study, a polymer matrix was prepared by combining orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin (OUP), Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) and Cobalt Octoate (6%) (Co-6). Then, barite and bismuth were added in certain proportions as filler material into this polymer matrix and thus ternary composites were produced. Experimental studies for the produced samples were carried out in narrow beam geometry using HPGe detector and 133Ba, 22Na, 137Cs, 60Co radioactive sources which emit photons between 276.4 and 1332.5 keV energy. To determine the gamma ray shielding properties of the produced ternary composites, radiation protection efficiency (RPE), linear attenuation coefficient (μ), mass attenuation coefficient (μ/ρ), half value layer (HVL), tenth value layer (TVL), mean free path (MFP), effective atomic number (Zeff), effective electron density (NE) parameters were obtained. Experimental results were compared with theoretical results obtained with WinXCOM software and GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation code. Experimental and theoretical results were found to be compatible with each other. According to obtained results, it was found that the sample with the best shielding property among the prepared samples was BaBi50 coded sample

    The effect of using maternal voice, white noise, and holding combination interventions on the heel stick sampling

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    WOS:001018079700001Background: Heel stick sampling, a common procedure in newborns, causes acute pain. Aims: This study aims to measure the outcome of five various non-pharmacologic pain relief groups; maternal voice, white noise, holding, maternal voice+holding, and white noise+holding. Methods: The study is an open label, randomized controlled trial. A total of 178 newborns were included in this study. Newborns were randomly allocated to each group; white noise (n = 31), maternal voice (n = 31), holding (n = 30), white noise+holding (n = 29), maternal voice+holding (n = 28), and control (n = 29) interventions. Newborns' pain responses were evaluated using the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS), and the Premature Infant Pain Profile (PIPP). The primary measured outcomes were the newborns' pain levels, while the secondary outcomes were the heart rate and changes in oxygen saturation. The mean values of pain in neonates between groups were evaluated one minute before (Phase1), during (Phase2), and one minute after (Phase3) the procedure. Results: The research results are given with comparisons in three time periods (Phase1, Phase2 and Phase3). White noise and white noise+holding were found to have the lowest mean NIPS and PIPP score (p < 0.001). The mean heart rate was found to be the lowest in the white noise+holding group (p < 0.001). There was no significant difference between the groups in terms of oxygen saturation score (p = 0.453). Conclusion: The white noise+holding applied to newborns during heel stick sampling were effective in pain reduction. Nurses and midwives can use white noise+holding method. Implications to practice: These results contribute to the pain management of newborns

    Mobil hizmet kalitesi ve yiyecek kalitesinin davranışsal niyet üzerindeki etkisi: Mobil yemek siparişi uygulamaları üzerine bir araştırma

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    Tez No: 783086Bu çalışmada dijital teknolojideki gelişmeler ile birlikte hayatımıza giren mobil uygulamalar içerisinde en çok kullanılan yemek siparişi uygulamalarının yiyecek sektörünü nasıl etkilediği; uygulamaların kullanımını ve tavsiye niyetini etkileyen faktörlerin belirlenmesi amaçlanmıştır. Bu çalışma, mobil uygulamalarda yaşanan gelişmeler ile birlikte yiyecek sektörünün vazgeçilmezi olan mobil yemek siparişi uygulamalarının mobil hizmet kalitesi alt faktörleri ile mobil uygulama memnuniyeti arasındaki ilişkiyi, yiyecek kalitesi alt faktörleri ile restoran memnuniyeti arasındaki ilişkiyi; mobil uygulama memnuniyeti ile restoran memnuniyeti arasındaki ilişkiyi incelemiş olup ayrıca mobil uygulama ve restoran memnuniyetinin ağızdan ağıza pazarlama (AAP) ile dönüşüm kararı üzerindeki etkisini incelenmiştir. Oluşturulan model çerçevesinde Afyonkarahisar ve Ankara'da yaşayan ve mobil yemek siparişi uygulaması kullanan 18 yaşından büyük 321 bireye nicel araştırma yöntemiyle çevrimiçi anket uygulanmıştır. Anketten elde edilen verilerin analizinde En Küçük Kareler Yöntemi ile Yapısal Eşitlik Modellemesi (PLS-SEM) analizi kullanılmıştır. Bu araştırma tüketici perspektifinden firmalar içinde önemli bulgular ve öneriler sunmaktadır. Elde edilen bulgular sonucunda mobil hizmet kalitesi alt faktörlerinden etkileşim kalitesi, bilgi kalitesinin mobil uygulama memnuniyeti ile yiyecek kalitesi alt faktörlerinden duyusal deneyimin restoran memnuniyeti ile arasında anlamlı bir ilişki bulunmakta olup mobil uygulama memnuniyetinin ağızdan ağıza pazarlamayı ve dönüşümü olumlu yönde etkilediği, restoran memnuniyetininde ağızdan ağıza pazarlamayı olumlu yönde etkilediği sonucuna varılmıştır. Diğer taraftan da mobil uygulama memnuniyetinin de restoran memnuniyeti üzerinde olumlu bir etkisi bulunduğu tespit edilmiştir. Ayrıca mobil yemek siparişi uygulaması kullanan müşterilere uygulanan anket verileri sonucunda mobil hizmet kalitesi faktörlerinden arayüz kalitesinin, mobil uygulama memnuniyetini etkilemediği, yiyecek kalitesi faktörlerinden doygunluk değerininde restoran memnuniyetini etkilemediği ve restoran memnuniyetininde mobil uygulamada dönüşümü sağlamadığı sonucuna varılmıştır.In this study, how the most used food ordering applications among the mobile applications that have entered our lives with the developments in digital technology affect the food sector; It is aimed to determine the factors affecting the use of applications and the intention to recommend. This study examines the relationship between mobile service quality sub-factors and mobile application satisfaction, the relationship between food quality sub-factors and restaurant satisfaction; examined the relationship between mobile application satisfaction and restaurant satisfaction, and also examined the effect of mobile application and restaurant satisfaction on the conversion decision with word of mouth marketing (AAP). Within the framework of the model created, an online questionnaire was applied to 321 individuals over the age of 18 who live in Afyonkarahisar and Ankara and use mobile food ordering applications. Least Squares Method and Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) analysis were used in the analysis of the data obtained from the survey. This research offers important findings and recommendations within companies from a consumer perspective. As a result of the findings, there is a significant relationship between the interaction quality of mobile service quality sub-factors, mobile application satisfaction of information quality, and sensory experience, which is one of the food quality sub-factors, with restaurant satisfaction. was found to have a positive effect. On the other hand, it has been determined that mobile application satisfaction has a positive effect on restaurant satisfaction. In addition, as a result of the survey data applied to customers using the mobile food ordering application, it was concluded that the interface quality, which is one of the mobile service quality factors, does not affect the satisfaction of the mobile application, the saturation value, which is one of the food quality factors, does not affect the restaurant satisfaction, and it does not transform the restaurant satisfaction in the mobile application

    Production of biodegradable composite plates from wheat starch and fiber materials

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    Tez No: 801233Çalışmamda, buğday nişastası (glioksal ile çapraz bağlanmış) ve bazı yardımcı maddeler (ticari selüloz, karboksimetil selüloz, linter lifi, kenevir lifi), çeşitli oranlarda (%5, %7, %10) eklenerek yoğunluğu ve su emme miktarı oldukça minumum, mekanik direnci maksimum yükseklikte biyobozunur kompozit tabakların oluşturulması amaçlanmıştır.Bu araştırmada öncelikle , en ideal yardımcı madde kaynağını ve en uygun oran belirlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Nişastanın çökmesini engellemek için nişastanın % 0,5'i kadar guar gum ilave edilip karışım hazırlanmıştır. Hazırlanan bu karışımlar, çeşitli süre ve sıcaklıklarda pişirilip çalışma sonucuna göre pişirme süresi ve sıcaklığı belirlenmiştir. Elde edilen bu köpük tabakların su emme miktarı ölçülmüş, yoğunluk, denge nem içeriği, kalınlık ve mekanik özellikleri bükme testi yuygulanarak belirlenmiştir. Yapılan analizler sonucunda, yeterince köpük yapı oluşturduğu gözlemlenen tabakların mekanik özelliklerinin aynı olduğu ancak çapraz bağlı buğday nişastasından üretilen köpük tabağın %7 kenevir lifi yoğunluğunun (0,09 g/cm3) ve %7 karboksimetil selülozun su emme miktarının (%10,27) diğer tabaklara göre daha düşük olduğu tespit edilmiştir. Çalışma sonucunda ise en uygun özellikler içeren köpük tabaklar, buğday nişastasının, %7 L ve %7 CMC, ilave edilerek elde edilen tabaklar olduğu ve gıda sektöründe katı gıdalarda kullanılabileceği belirlenmiştir.In this study, it was targeted at producing those who have low-density and water absorption capacity wheat starch and various fibers (commercial cellulose, Carboxymethyl cellulose, linter fiber, cannabis fiber) with cross bonded of glyoxal bond, also used several fractions of the fiber (%5, %7, %10). In the first step of this study, the best fiber source and fiber ratio were determined. To cancel the precipitation of starch, guar gum is added to the suspension with %0,5 (m/m) of starch. Cooking time and temperature were determined by a preliminary test. Water absorption amounts, density, equilibrium humidity content, thickness, and some mechanical characteristics with twist test of produced plates were determined. As a result, it was determined that plates that could build enough foam structure had approximately the same mechanical characteristics. But, wheat-based plates that have a %7 cannabis fiber density (0,09 g/cm3) and %7 carboxymethyl cellulose water absorption amount (%10.27) were less than other plates. For the conclusion of this thesis study, the plate that had the best features was produced with wheat-fiber starch which has %7 linter fiber and %7 carboxymethyl cellulose. These plates obtained could be used for food service and packaging

    An isonicotinohydrazide based fluorescence sensor for detection of Zn2+ in biological systems: Experimental and theoretical studies along with cell imagine

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    Zinc ions (Zn2+) play a significant role in our daily lives and production, which is related to human health and environment protection. Therefore, it is crucial in this field to develop sensors with improved analyte selectivity and sensitivity. We prepared a fluorescent sensor, DIH, through the reaction of 5-(tert-butyl)-2-hydroxyisophthalaldehyde with isonicotinohydrazide. DIH, in free form, can undergo excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) process upon excitation. Among a wide range of metal ions tested, only Zn2+ inhibited this ESIPT process, resulting in an increase in fluorescence intensity (13.3-fold) with chelation enhancement fluorescence process (CHEF). The complex (DIH/Zn2+) stoichiometry was determined to be 1:1 and the binding constant of the complex was estimated as 3.18 × 107 M−1. DIH could also be applied to detect zinc ions down to a low concentration level of 11.2 nanomolar with fluorescence spectroscopy. Moreover, the cytotoxicity evaluation of DIH against human colon adenocarcinoma cells lines demonstrated that the sensor was nontoxic and could be used successfully in cellular imagin

    Stem cell, experimental animals and cell culture studies in diabetes

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    This book aims to provide a current and comprehensive perspective on Diabetes mellitus, a valuable subject in the field of basic sciences. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide and has become an increasingly serious health problem. This book examines the underlying mechanisms and causes of diabetes using the disciplines of basic sciences. The content of the book begins with fundamental information such as the definition, classification, histopathological mechanisms, and epidemiology of diabetes. It also includes interesting sections on current technologies and the use of artificial intelligence in the field of diabetes. Additionally, the book extensively discusses how genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices affect the risk of diabetes. This comprehensive evaluation of diabetes from the perspective of basic sciences provides important insights into the development and progression of the disease

    Current perspective on diabetes mellitus in clinical sciences

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    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) receives significant attention from most scientists due to being a major global public health threat. Diabetes is considered one of the leading causes of death due to its micro and macrovascular complications. This insidious killer is estimated to reach a staggering number of 578 million (700 million by 2045) cases by 2030. In this book, utilizing the disciplines of clinical sciences, various contemporary topics related to diabetes are extensively discussed. These include the classification of diabetes, underlying causes, epidemiology, pathogenesis, impact on sexual functions, association with cancer, clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods, complications, and treatment options. Furthermore, intriguing and current subjects such as "antidiabetic phytotherapy" and "the relationship between oral health and diabetes" are also covered. By doing so, readers will acquire comprehensive and detailed knowledge about the clinical management of diabetes. Thus, this book not only serves those who seek to understand the scientific aspects of diabetes but also proves to be a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, researchers, and students in a clinical setting. We believe that this book will contribute to understanding the complexity of diabetes and provide beneficial solutions while shedding light on future studies

    Home care experiences of mothers of children with tracheostomies – a qualitative study

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    Introduction and aim. Parents of children who are addicted to technology have many problems in home care. This study aimed to describe the home care experiences of mothers of children with tracheostomies. Material and methods. The study adopted Husserl’s phenomenological method, a qualitative research design. The sample consisted of 23 mothers of children with tracheostomies followed up in the pediatric pulmonology outpatient clinic of a university hospital. All participants cared for their children at home. Data were collected using a sociodemographic questionnaire and a semi-structured interview questionnaire. All interviews were recorded and transcribed. Results. Children (12 girls and 11 boys) had a mean age of 3.43±3.326 years. The mean age of tracheostomy insertion was 2.8±2.508 years. Seventeen children were on ventilator support. All participants were mothers with a mean age of 32.34±6.00 years. Half the mothers had primary school degrees (52.2%). The interviews revealed one main theme (burnout), three subthemes (social isolation, perception of competence, and regrets), and five categories (burden of care, fear, awareness, decisions, and role confusion). Conclusion. Mothers of children with tracheostomies experience numerous problems when they provide home care. They mostly have difficulty improving themselves and enduring role confusion. We must address the issues mothers of children with tracheostomies face during home care to reduce the prevalence of potential complications and improve the quality of care for both them and their children. © 2023 Sociedad espanola de dietetica


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