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    Sense of community and community development: An integrative review

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    Several perspectives have been considered while examining the association between a sense of community (SOC) and community development, as a SOC has been one of the critical societal factors positively associated with several outcomes. Thus, the association earns an evaluation of its current state and prospects. The present study adopts an integrative review approach, bibliometric and content analysis,  to understand SOC and community development literature trends, themes, and theoretical, contextual, and methodological implications. The types of analyses conducted in bibliometrics are descriptive, performance analysis, and science mapping. While the descriptive and performance analyses reveal research constituents' current status and  performance across various research constituents, several research clusters and themes were identified through science mapping. The identified clusters were Social Support, Community Development, Education, Community Well-being, and Online Education. The emerging themes were Community Engagement and Participation, Urban Development, Social Context, Measurement of SOC, Organisational SOC, and Public Spaces. Further, the content analysis of selected articles was used to uncover the theoretical, contextual, and methodological implications of SOC and community development literature. Future research recommendations regarding theoretical, contextual, and methodological implications were proposed based on the research gaps identified.

    La distribuzione quantistica di chiavi

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    Tra le tecnologie che hanno beneficiato delle proprietà quantistiche della natura, particolare spazio è riservato alla comunicazione quantistica e alla cosiddetta "distribuzione quantistica di chiavi", che sta tuttora avendo un notevole sviluppo anche a livello commerciale. In queste pagine illustreremo gli aspetti fisici che stanno alla base della distribuzione quantistica di chiavi (Quantum Key Distribution, QKD) e illustreremo le principali applicazioni a variabili discrete e a variabili continue che utilizzano i fotoni per codificare e condividere in modo sicuro l'informazione


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    La Computazione Quantistica

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    Informazione Quantistica: sembra la formula stregonesca di un qualche personaggio poco affidabile. In realtà è un corpus di attività scientifiche che sta ricevendo sempre più attenzione, soprattutto da parte dei governi che aspirano ad ottenere la supremazia quantistica, come chiave di quella politica. Qui cercheremo di indicare le sue basi scientifiche e le sue possibili prospettive

    La seconda rivoluzione quantistica: il computer quantistico e la crittografia

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    Frontespizio e pagine iniziali

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    Identity Politics in Contemporary Southeast Asia

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    Identity politics emerged as a central phenomenon in contemporary Southeast Asia, which is in keeping with the region’s diversity and heterogeneity. The various ethnic and religious communities in the region have different historical experiences and cultural traditions that shape their identities and political aspirations. Identity politics has also provided empowerment and social justice for marginalised communities, such as indigenous and ethnic minorities. However, it has also resulted in conflict and violence as competing groups vie for political power and resources. This study finds that religion has played a significant role in identity politics in Southeast Asia. The region has various religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and animism. Religious identity has often been mobilised for political purposes, either as a means of asserting power or as a source of resistance against dominant groups. The article highlights the different strategies that different countries in the region have adopted to address identity politics. Some have attempted to promote national unity and inclusiveness, while others have taken a more authoritarian approach, suppressed dissent, and imposed strict controls on civil society and media. The article concludes by suggesting that a more nuanced and context-specific approach is needed to address identity politics in Southeast Asia. A complex interplay of variables will determine Southeast Asia’s future course of identity politics. As the region continues to expand and transform, it is necessary to balance the interests of various groups and the broader objective of regional cohesion and stability

    A moderated mediation model of trust, self-construal and compliance with COVID-19 health regulations based on country differences

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    Earlier studies examined the extent to which self-construal has an impact on individual compliance with COVID-19 regulations. However, existing literature has paid little significant attention to the behavioural outcome of self-construal across countries and cultures. The aim of this study was; 1) to determine whether interdependent self-construal predicts compliance with COVID-19 public health regulation, 2) to examine if the association was mediated by individual social trust, and 3) to test whether these associations were moderated by the respondents' country of residence (US x Indonesia). General adult respondents from the US (N=231) and Indonesia (N=440) voluntarily participated to complete a survey about trust in the government, interdependent self-construal orientation and compliance toward COVID-19 public health regulation. The mediation analysis using Hayes PROCESS macro demonstrated a significant role of social trust in mediating the association between interdependent self-construal and compliance. In addition, the moderation analysis of participants’ country differences (US x Indonesia) toward the link between interdependent self-construal and compliance showed a significant result. This current finding indicated that the effects of interdependent self-construal on compliance differed between the US and Indonesian groups. In contrast to those living in Indonesia, individuals residing in the US who showed greater access to inter-dependent self-construal demonstrated a greater tendency to adhere to the regulation when compared to those with a higher score in independent self-construal. Discussion and Implications of the study were discussed in the following paper

    Caudal fin malformation in Saurida lessepsianus Russell, Golani & Tikochinski, 2015 collected from Gökova Bay, Aegean Sea, Türkiye

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    One specimen of S. lessepsianus Russell, Golani and Tikochinski, 2015, with 296 mm TL showing caudal fin anomaly, was collected using a gill net from the Gökova Bay, Aegean Sea, at 52 meters of depth. The lower three fin rays were deformed in the caudal fin's lower lobe. The length of the lower lobe of the tail of the abnormal fish is 75.6% of the length of the upper lobe of the abnormal fish, while it is 76.5% in the normal specimen. Possible reasons that could cause this abnormality, such as viral or bacterial infection or environmental pollution, are discussed. Since the anomaly was observed in a single specimen and not a frequent state in other fish within the studied area, spontaneous genetic mutation was also considered. The present finding represents the first record of caudal fin-deformed wild fish, S. lessepsianus, from the southeastern Aegean Sea ever reported and highlighted the need for closer monitoring of the marine environment for the identification of the specific factor that caused this abnormality


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