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    Conceptual Model of Information Elements of Agriculture and Agripreneurship

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    This study examines the relevant and critical agricultural-related information available on the official government web portals of thirteen (13) agencies operating under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). A structured review of the agricultural-related content was conducted to identify information elements that hold significant value for aspiring agropreneurs. The primary goal of this study is to develop a model of an online platform consolidating essential agricultural information from various government agencies’ web portals. The model of information elements undergoes the validation process that comes from experts and potential agropreneurs. The method of research employs a qualitative research approach and adopts the interpretive research paradigm to analyze the collected data. More specifically, it adopts a hermeneutic approach to the analysis process. The focal point of this research is presenting the state-of-the-art of critical and relevant agricultural and agripreneurship information elements, which eleven (11) information elements of agricultural-related and agripreneurship form a cornerstone of this endeavor. It confines its scope to the official web portals of government departments and agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The ultimate contribution of this research lies in its ability to provide an intricate understanding within the realm of information management context of agriculture and agripreneurship that would cater to the potential agropreneurs or youths lacking prior agricultural knowledge and equipping them with essential information to embark on their journey

    Video Surveillance System Usage in Preventing Crime: Preliminary findings from Malaysia

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    The preliminary study focuses on two key aspects of crime prevention via Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) and the specific context of VSS deployment in Malaysia. The study employs interviews as a method of data collection and a thematic content analysis approach to data analysis. The research findings highlight the VSS's effectiveness in solving crime cases, satisfaction among participants using VSS, limited expertise and skills in video analysis, and the high costs associated with the installation. Future studies should delve deeper into the regional impacts of video surveillance on crime rates in Malaysia and investigate the integration of emerging technologies' effectiveness

    Effects of Age and Mobile Technology Usage on Employee Engagement

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    This study begins with realizing the essential contributions of mobile technology usage factors which are function, accessibility, cost, and security on employees' engagement in Malaysia's healthcare industry's workplace. The independent variables of mobile technology usage factors include function, accessibility, cost and security, while employee engagement is the independent variable. The sampling frame concentrates on the employees in KPJ Tawakkal Kuala Lumpur. Findings suggest that function, accessibility, and security influenced KPJ Tawakkal Kuala Lumpur's employee engagement. The moderating variable, age, was found to be insignificant in influencing the relationship between mobile technology usage factors (function, accessibility, cost, security) and employees' engagement

    Place Attachment at the Ritual Bakar Tongkang for Heritage Tourism in Bagansiapiapi

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    A comprehension concept of place attachment is required for understanding the relationship that developed between humans and heritage tourism areas. The concept of place attachment has been integrated into spatial studies with no universal agreement to explain the human-place bond. In the context of heritage tourism, this research proposes a conceptualization of place attachment that focuses on the ritual approach as a human-place relationships. Implementing this approach, environmental research on heritage tourism will generate potential, unambiguously and comprehensively prepared for the future framework of place attachment. PRISMA method has an applied procedure for selecting an appropriate paper study for literature. There are a total of four selection phases in the PRISMA approach. The initial phase in the selection process is to identify of the literature through information gathered from the selection of journal databases such as ProQuest, Taylor & Francis, Emerald Insight, Scopus, and Sage Premier Journal. Examining the abstract and the literature title is the second phase of the selection process. At this point, irrelevant studies will be eliminated. Eligibility with full-text screening is the next phase. At this phase, studies that irrelevance will be eliminating. Studies that qualified for data reduction and analysis are considered in the final selection phase of the literature review approach. According to the findings, studies on place attachment theory could potentially conducted to encourage heritage tourism. The place attachment concept is influenced by multiple variables such as familiarity, length of engagement, emotional attachment, place character, continuity, and rituals. To support the study findings by earlier studies’ literature and discuss strategies are required. This conceptual framework structure offers an overview for a better understanding of the concept of place attachment, which heritage tourism researchers may implement during their attempts to involve place attachment in research and apply it to the advantages of heritage tourism development.   Keywords: heritage tourism; place attachment; environmental; rituals  &nbsp

    The level of occupational balance among retirees in Malaysia

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    Occupational balance has been proven to benefit retirees’ health and can significantly improve their life satisfaction and quality of life post-retirement. This study aims to identify the level of occupational balance among retirees in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study was conducted, and a purposive sampling method was used to recruit 400 participants from the retiree population. Based on the findings, the mean of OBQ11 total scores was 22.96 (SD = 4.79), with a minimum score of 10.00 and a maximum score of 33.00. To conclude, this study showed that retirees in Malaysia have a high level of occupational balance

    Managing Intellectual Capital for SMEs’ Sustainable Development. A Conceptual Proposal

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    This article seeks to contribute to the growing body of literature on intellectual capital (IC) and Islamic work ethics (IWE) within small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It aims to explore how socio-economic factors are designed to enhance sustainable development (SD) and generate value. To address the research question, this paper employs a conceptual approach with the goal of achieving a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms supporting SD in SMEs. It has delved into pivotal existing studies to grasp the foundational roots and dynamics underlying the principles of sustainable development in SMEs. This article illustrates, drawing on prior literature and theoretical considerations, the impact of Ibn Khaldun’s multidisciplinary-dynamic theory of development on IC and IWE within SMES, with the objective of fostering SD. The findings reveal that five socio-economic activities of SMEs form the foundation of the proposed conceptual framework. First, maintaining the well-being of people to develop capabilities and intellect for SME entrepreneurs and stakeholders is intended as human capital (HC). Second, promoting sense of solidarity and group feeling by taking care of their surrounding which is susceptible to development; is reported in the relational capital (RC). Third, advocating justice and primacy of morality is referred to Islamic work ethics (IWE). Fourth, executing the Shariah which guides human beings to what is good in it with regard to the religious and worldly aspects is signified to the spiritual capital (SP). Fifth, distributing resources equally in terms of technological and intellectual enhancements is implied to the organizational capital (OC) and technological capital (TeC). In essence, this paper provides implications for the stream of literature about IC and IWE in SMEs. It investigates five socio-economic activities as the well-being of people (N), sense of solidarity and group feeling in the surrounding (g), justice and primacy of morality (j), execution of the Shariah (S) and equitable distribution of resources (W); that respond to different IC levels elements (human, relational, organizational, spiritual and technological) and IWE. Furthermore, this article presents a conceptual framework that aligns with three core streams in economics and management studies, corresponding to Ibn Khaldun's development theory, IC, and IWE. This framework enhances the conceptualization of managing intellectual capital and Islamic work ethics for SMEs’ sustainable development, surpassing previous studies.     &nbsp

    Distribution of Endangered Dipterocarps in the Freshwater Swamp Forest of Parit Forest Reserve, Perak

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    Many endangered tree species suffered reductions in their population sizes due to forest fragmentation. A field survey was conducted to study the demographic structure of five threatened Dipterocarps species and to map their spatial distribution in freshwater swamp forests at Parit Forest Reserve, Perak, Malaysia. Of five species recorded, Shorea hemsleyana exhibited the highest number of individuals (i.e., 198), followed by Dipterocarpus semivestitus (35), S. macrantha (24), Hopea apiculata (14) and Vatica flavida (6). While the spatial distribution of D. semivestitus, S. macrantha, H. apiculata and V. flavida are appreared to be spatially dispersed, S. hemsleyana’s appears to be more localized

    Characterization of Microcrystalline Cellulose Isolated from Paper Sludge

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    The large amount of paper sludge generated from wastepaper industries emphasizes the importance of developing green waste management. The study aimed to characterize microcrystalline cellulose from paper sludge using different acid concentrations. The properties of chemical composition, morphological, thermal, reflectance, and crystallinity index were accessed. The disappearance of peaks in FTIR was related to the removal of amorphous structure. SEM confirmed the reduction in diameter with the decomposed temperature of 266°C. 3.0 M reflects the highest UVB at 28% and UVA at 39% due to the highest crystallinity index of 31%, which is possible for reinforcement application in film packaging

    Implementation of Information Security Management Systems for Data Protection in Organizations: A systematic literature review

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    This systematic literature review investigates the implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) as a pivotal strategy for safeguarding organizational information in the digital era. Focusing on key factors influencing ISMS implementation, its impact on data protection, and the methodologies employed, the review underscores the significance of awareness and training in fostering compliance. Emphasizing the ISO/IEC 27001 standard as a prevalent framework, the study reveals positive impacts on organizational performance, financial outcomes, corporate reputation, and branding. The findings advocate for a comprehensive and structured approach to information security, urging future research to explore diverse organizational contexts and industries for a nuanced understanding of ISMS practices and their impact on organizational agility

    Islamic Values and Muslims Financial Behavior among Malaysians and Indonesians

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    Muslims are the largest population worldwide and have strong bargaining power in the world economy. Muslims have guidelines on how they should live accordingly, and the guideline provides a path for Muslims to embrace horizontal and vertical worship in daily life, including on financial matters. However, the current evidence shows that the behavior of Muslims has fallen apart from Islamic values. Muslims tend to follow the Islamic guidelines on religious worship in the five pillars of Islam. Likewise, when concerning the daily muamalah, which is also part of worship, they tend to focus more on fulling the basic rules, particularly in food consumption. Besides food consumption, Muslims tend to neglect the rules and guidance of Islam, in particular financial matters. Indonesia and Malaysia, are two Muslim-majority countries in South East Asia, with a large Muslim population and also the Religious Affairs Institutions that manage the practice of Islam. Thus, this paper aims to explore the impact of Islamic values on Muslim financial behavior in Indonesia and Malaysia. This research is associative quantitative research utilizing. This research applies structural equation modeling (SEM) with PLS approach of SmartPLS software version 427 data were collected using a closed questionnaire distributed to respondents who t the research criteria from Malaysia and Indonesia. The result postulates insignificant differences in Islamic values among the two countries. Both countries are supporting the development of Shariah in Islamic Banking and Finance. Nonetheless, there are still concerns about consumers' financial behavior toward Islamic financial products in both countries. It is worth noting that this research should interpreted in light of certain limitations. The substantial gap in the size of the sample respondents for both countries may affect the result of the survey findings. Since the research is purely quantitative and focused on the individual financial behavior of Malaysia and Indonesia, which are reasonably similar in culture and race, researchers propose an in-depth study with a qualitative approach to further explore other determinants of Islamic values and financial management behavior


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