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    Efeito da adição de farinha de vísceras de aves sobre o desempenho zootécnico de alevinos de tilápia do Nilo

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    This study has aimed to assess the inclusion of poultry by-product meal in the diets of Nile tilapia fingerlings on heterogeneous growth and zootechnical performance. We used 144 animals with a mean initial weight of 1.3 ± 0.02 g distributed in 24 polyethylene aquariums with a capacity of 80 L of water, connected to a recirculation system following a completely randomized experimental design with four treatments (0.0, 6.0, 12.0, and 18.0% of poultry by-product meal) and six replications. At the end of the experimental period, the following variables were evaluated: final weight, survival rate, weight gain, heterogeneous growth, average feed intake, feed conversion ratio, protein efficiency ratio, and hepatosomatic and liposomatic index. The treatments have had no effect on the variables analyzed in the performance test. Therefore, up to 18% poultry by-product meal can be included in Nile tilapia fingerling diets.O presente estudo teve como objetivo avaliar o efeito da inclusão da farinha de vísceras de aves em dietas para alevinos de tilápia do Nilo, sobre o crescimento heterogêneo (CHet) e desempenho zootécnico. Foram utilizados 144 animais com peso médio inicial 1,3 ± 0,02 g, distribuídos em 24 aquários de polietileno com capacidade para 80 L de água, interligados a um sistema de recirculação seguindo um delineamento experimental inteiramente casualizado, com quatro tratamentos (0,0; 6,0; 12,0 e 18,0% de farinha de vísceras de aves) e seis repetições. Ao término do período experimental foram avaliados: peso final, taxa de sobrevivência, ganho em peso, crescimento heterogêneo, consumo de ração, conversão alimentar aparente, taxa de eficiência proteica, índices hepatossomático e lipossomático. Não foram observados efeitos dos tratamentos sobre as variáveis analisadas no ensaio de desempenho. Sendo assim, a farinha de vísceras de aves pode ser incluída até 18% nas dietas para alevinos de tilápia do Nilo


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    Strawberry is a non-climacteric pseudofruit that has a short shelf life after harvest. Among the factors responsible for the strawberries quality loss are the high metabolic activity and high susceptibility to microbial attack, mainly by fungi. The objective of this work is to study physicochemical parameters of strawberries (Fragaria vesca L.)  submitted to different cooling system conditions. Strawberries were stored at temperatures of 2 °C and 6 °C with a range of ±1 °C and packed in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) trays wrapped by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. Samples were evaluated for their physicochemical aspects, such as: mass variation, vitamin C content and total polyphenols. The assays were done in triplicate. The results show that storage at 6 °C ±1 °C is better to maintain the strawberries quality stored during 6 days, because under these conditions a lower mass variation was obtained. These parameters are associated with low moisture loss, which also assists in the preservation of polyphenols. And storage at 2 °C ±1 °C favored the maintenance of total polyphenols and Vitamin C.   With this information it is possible to optimize technologies for this type of food with focus on reducing the environmental impact and waste of food and drinking water, supporting research developed in multinational refrigeration are

    Determinação de proteínas em leite de cabra por diferentes métodos analíticos

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    The objective of this study was to correlate the Biuret, Lowry, Bradford, and Mlikoscan methods used to determine the level of protein in goat's milk and compare them with the Kjeldahl method. Milk samples collected from 18 goats of breeds Saanen (n=5), Anglo-Nubian (n=4), Pardo-alpina (n=5), and Creole (n=4) were analyzed. Correlation analyses between the different methods were performed using the Pearson test and the protein content between different breeds was compared using ANOVA. Total protein (TP) and casein (CN) concentrations obtained by all methods studied were positively correlated with the Kjeldahl method (p<0.01). The Bradford method presented the lowest correlation coefficient. All methods apart from Bradford showed significant differences in TP and CN between the Anglo-Nubian and Pardo-alpina breeds (p<0.05). The Bradford method showed significant differences in TP between the Saanen and Pardo-alpina breeds (p<0.05), and no differences were found between breeds reegarding CN. In conclusion, the Bradford method had the lowest correlation value (TP and CN) with the Kjeldahl, and the Bradford method did not show the same pattern of differences between breeds in TP and CN, as was evidenced in all other methods. Therefore, the use of the Bradford method is not recommended to determine proteins in goat’s milk.O objetivo deste estudo foi correlacionar os métodos de Biuret, Lowry, Bradford e Mlikoscan utilizados para a determinação da proteína do leite de cabra e compará-los com o método de Kjeldahl. Dezoito amostras de leite das raças Saanen (n=5), Anglo-nubiana (n=4), Pardo-alpina (n=5) e crioula (n=4) foram analisadas. Correlação entre os diferentes métodos foram realizadas (teste de Pearson) e o conteúdo de proteína entre diferentes raças foi comparado por ANOVA. As concentrações de proteína total (PT) e caseína (CN) foram correlacionadas positivamente entre todos os métodos com o Kjeldahl (p<0,01), mostrando Bradford a menor correlação. Todos os métodos, exceto Bradford, mostraram diferenças significativas na PT entre as raças Anglo-nubiana e pardo-alpina (p<0,05) e na CN entre Saanen e Pardo-alpina (p<0,05). Bradford mostrou diferenças significativas em PT entre Saanen e Pardo-alpina (p<0,05); e não foram encontradas diferenças entre raças na CN. Em conclusão, o método de Bradford apresentou a menor correlação (TP e CN) com o Kjeldahl, e por Bradofrd não foi mostrado o mesmo padrão de diferenças entre raças em PT e CN, como foi evidenciado por todos os outros métodos. Portanto, sugere-se que o método de Bradford não seja recomendado para a determinação de proteínas no leite de cabra

    “They killed each other.” Rumor and distrust: two weapons in Mexico’s counterinsurgency in the 1970s

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    This article addresses the insurgency and counterinsurgency Mexican phenomenon in the 1970s by studying “rumor” and “distrust” as strategies for dismantling insurgent organizations. It is methodologically grounded in triangulation of interviews with militants, hemerographic archives, and official documents of the Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS). Also, it generally outlines the relationship of militants who participated in the founding generation of the Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre in northern Mexico and examines the nature of the most recurrent political violence actions in its early years. Finally, it thinks through political repression procedures in the decade under study

    Humor and freedoms: a short essay on being Charlie

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    The violence perpetrated by some Islamic fundamentalist groups in recent years, particularly the murder of the French cartoonists who worked for Charlie Hebdo, in early 2015, bring up doubts in the Western societies regarding the nature of their economic system, their global interconnection, the democracy, and specifically the freedoms. This article analyzes some cartoons of Muhammad published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, in 2005, and by the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in 2012, and it explores their humor, their violence, and the reactions raised by them. The brief reflections derived from the analysis of these cases lead us to a discussion about the ‘Western’ tradition of satire, addressing religious freedom and freedom of expression, in addition to the very idea of democracy. Theories proposed by classic authors, such as Montesquieu and Stuart Mill, as well as those by contemporary authors who thought of the democratic freedoms, such as John Rawls and Pierre Rosanvallon are addressed, situating this relevant debate of contemporaneity in the long-term. This short essay promotes the debate about the limits of humor, especially in its relation to religions and politics nowadays. Keywords: Humor; Liberty; Democracy; Cartoon; Muhammad

    Evaluation of a braille-based colour code proposal for people with visual impairment

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    People with visual impairment (PVI) are a group that have some sort of visual loss, including individuals with low vision and blindness. As colour is one of the most important elements in transmitting visual information, its lack of access can be configured as an information and communication barrier, which impacts daily routines and social inclusion. The present study evaluates the suitability of a braille-based colour code proposal for PVI called Universal Colour Code (UCC). Based on user experience methods, exploratory interviews, free association of words, effectiveness tests, and assessment of code were conducted. The results show that UCC has potential for PVI who master braille

    Desempenho do crescimento de cabritos Arbia sob sistema intensivo em Setif, Argélia

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    The growth of 81 indigenous Arbia goat kids reared in an intensive system in Setif in northeastern Algeria was observed between birth and 70 days of age. The kids were dam-raised during the first month and then provided with 150 g/head/day of a total mixed ration and oat hay. The kids’ live weights were assessed at fasting and at different ages: 0, 10, 21, 30, 42, 60, and 70 days. The average daily gains (ADG) were also calculated. Growth results were presented for all kids by sex and litter size. The average birth weight was W0 = 2.53±0.19 kg, while the average weight at 70 days was W70 = 10.1±1.54 kg, which correspond to an overall daily weight gain of ADG0-70 = 108±21 g/day. The study showed that birth weight was affected by litter size, while growth after birth was mainly affected by sex. Birth weights were similar between males and females, but males grew faster (p<0.001) after birth. Single kids were heavier (p<0.05) than twins at 70 days of age, which is the consequence of a heavier birth weight and a faster growth rate in the first 10 days after birth (ADG0-10). After 10 days, litter size did not affect ADG. Compared to other indigenous populations, Arbia goat kids demonstrated valuable growth potential for meat production.O crescimento de cabritos indígenas da Arbia criados sob um sistema de alto insumo foi investigado em 81 cabritos desde o nascimento até os 70 dias de idade na região de Setif, no nordeste da Argélia. A alimentação foi baseada no leite da mãe durante o primeiro mês de idade; em seguida, foram fornecidos 150 g/cabeça/dia de uma ração mista total e feno de aveia. O peso vivo dos cabritos foi medido em jejum em diferentes idades: 0, 10 21, 30, 42, 60 e 70 dias, respectivamente. Também foram calculados os ganhos médios diários (GMD). Os resultados de desempenho de crescimento foram expressos para todos os cabritos, por sexo e tamanho da ninhada. O peso médio ao nascer foi P0 = 2,53 ± 0,19 kg, enquanto o peso médio aos 70 dias foi P70 = 10,1 ± 1,54 kg, o que corresponde a um ganho de peso diário global GMD0-70 = 108 ± 21 g/dia. O estudo mostrou que o peso ao nascer foi afetado pelo tamanho da ninhada, enquanto o crescimento após o nascimento foi afetado principalmente pelo sexo. De fato, o peso ao nascer foi semelhante entre machos e fêmeas, mas após o nascimento os machos crescem mais rapidamente (p<0,001). Os animais nascidos de partos simples eram mais pesados ​​(p<0,05) do que de partos gemelares aos 70 dias de idade, consequência do peso maior ao nascer e de uma taxa de crescimento mais rápida até os 10 dias de idade (GMD0-10). A partir de 10 dias, o tamanho da ninhada não afetou o GMD. O desempenho dos cabritos da Arbia mostrou um potencial de crescimento valioso para a produção de carne quando comparado a outras populações de cabras indígenas

    A desinfestação prévia de sementes de arroz irrigado em condições laboratoriais favorece a expressão do potencial fisiológico

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    The purpose of this study was to analyze prior seed disinfestation of irrigated rice seeds with sodium hypochlorite and its effect on physiological quality. The experiment was conducted in the seed analysis laboratory of Santa Catarina State University (UDESC). Twenty-four (four per cultivar) seed lots of the cultivars SCSBRS Tio Taka, Epagri 109, SCS116 Satoru, SCS118 Marquês, SCS121 CL, and SCS122 Miura, produced in the Upper Itajaí Valley in the 2016/2017 season, were used in a completely randomized experimental design with four replications. Germination and vigor tests were performed with and without disinfestation seeds. For the germination test with disinfected seeds, there was a higher percentage of normal seedlings and a smaller number of abnormal seedlings and dead seeds. There was significant decrease in vigor without prior seed disinfestation. The fungi that infested the seeds caused an increase in the percentage of abnormal seedlings and dead seeds. Seed disinfestation prior to physiological test positively affects the results regarding the physiological quality of irrigated rice seeds.O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o efeito da desinfestação prévia de sementes de arroz irrigado com hipoclorito de sódio na qualidade fisiológica. O estudo foi realizado no laboratório de análise de sementes da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC). Foram utilizados 24 lotes (quatro por cultivar) de sementes dos cultivares SCSBRS Tio Taka, Epagri 109, SCS116 Satoru, SCS118 Marquês, SCS121 CL e SCS122 Miura, produzidas na região do Alto Vale do Itajaí na safra 2016/17. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o inteiramente casualizado com quatro repetições. Testes fisiológicos de germinação e vigor foram realizados em sementes com e sem desinfestação. Para o teste de germinação com sementes desinfestadas, houve maior porcentagem de mudas normais e menor número de plântulas anormais e sementes mortas. O vigor teve uma redução significativa quando não efetuado a desinfestação prévia das sementes. Os fungos que infestaram as sementes causaram um aumento na porcentagem de plântulas anormais e sementes mortas. O uso da técnica de desinfestação de sementes antes da submissão a testes fisiológicos, afeta positivamente o resultado da qualidade fisiológica das sementes de arroz

    Séries acropodias laterais e mediais são irregulares na forma

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    In bovines, fore and hind lateral claws are larger than the medial claws and the heel are deeper and the sole thicker. On this anatomical basis, we hypothesized that it must imply a form (size+shape) asymmetry of the digits. To test this hypothesis, we studied the acropodiums (digital series) of 15 young bovines belonging to Brown Pyrenean breed, irrespective of the gender. Dorso-plantar radiographies were obtained for each hindlimb and the form was studied in a sample of 30 hindlimbs (15 right and 15 left). Images were studied by geometric morphometric methods. A set of 7 paired landmarks on medial and lateral digital series and one axial landmark was used for the study. Lateral and medial digits were uneven both in size and shape, expressing both fluctuating and directional asymmetries. Directional asymmetries would suggest a different function in weight bearing. We hypothesize lateral digits serve to stabilize the centre of gravity to a greater extent than medial digits. These findings prompt careful reassessment of the function of each of the digital series during standing and during locomotion in future researches.Em bovinos, cascos laterais anteriores e posteriores são maiores que os cascos mediais, o talão é mais profundo e o sola mais grosso. Nesta base anatômica, supomos que deve implicar em uma assimetria de forma (tamanho+forma pura) dos dígitos. Para testar essa hipótese, estudamos os acropodiums (série digital) de 15 bovinos jovens pertencentes à raça Pyrenean Brown, independentemente do sexo. Radiografias dorso-plantar foram obtidas para cada membro posterior e a forma foi estudada em uma amostra de 30 membros  (15 à direita e 15 à esquerda). As imagens foram estudadas por métodos geométricos morfométricos. Um conjunto de 7 pontos de referência emparelhados em séries digitais medial e lateral e um marco axial foram usados para o estudo. Os dígitos laterais e medial eram irregulares tanto em tamanho quanto em forma, expressando assimetrias flutuantes e direcionais. Assimimetrias direcionais sugerem uma função diferente para suportar peso. Nós hipotetizamos que os dígitos laterais servem para estabilizar o centro de gravidade em maior medida do que os dígitos mediais. Esses achados sugerem uma reavaliação cuidadosa da função de cada uma das séries digitais durante a posição e durante a locomoção em pesquisas futuras

    LEMMEX: uma abordagem ágil para consultorias em service design

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    This article deals with the application of an agile approach to projects in service designused in consultancies of the LEMME -UFSC group in partnership with Sebrae/SC. The methodological procedure used for the case study (LEMMEX) adapts an adaptation of the flowchart of Teixeira, Henrique, Braglia & Gonçalves (2018); developed from the approaches of Garret (2010) and Teixeira, Benedet and Hoppe (2015). The standardized method of optimization in the analysis time, greater depth in the relevant items for the proposed solution and more security for decision making.Este artículo trata sobre la aplicación de un enfoque ágil a proyectos en diseño de servicio utilizados en consultorías del grupo LEMME —UFSC en alianza con Sebrae/SC. El procedimiento metodológico utilizado para el estudio de caso (LEMMEX) és una adaptación del diagrama de flujo de Teixeira, Henrique, Braglia & Gonçalves (2018); desarrollado a partir de los enfoques de Garret (2010) y Teixeira, Benedet y Hoppe (2015). El método estandarizado de optimización en el tiempo de análisis, mayor profundidad en los ítems relevantes para la solución propuesta y más seguridad para la toma de decisiones.O presente artigo trata sobre a aplicação de uma abordagem ágil para projetos em service design utilizadas em consultorias do grupo LEMME - UFSC em parceria com o Sebrae/SC. Foram selecionados três casos aqui descritos. O procedimento metodológico utilizado para o estudo de caso (LEMMEX) propõe uma adaptação do fluxograma de Teixeira, Henrique, Braglia & Gonçalves (2018); desenvolvido a partir das abordagens de Garret (2010) e de Teixeira, Benedet e Hoppe (2015). O método empregado permitiu otimização no tempo de análise, maior profundidade nos itens relevantes para proposta de solução e mais segurança para tomada de decisões


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