A general formalism for single and double spin asymmetries in inclusive hadron production


We present a calculation of single and double spin asymmetries for inclusive hadron production in hadronic collisions. Our approach is based on Leading Order (LO) perturbative QCD and generalized factorization theorems, with full account of intrinsic parton momentum, k_T, effects. This leads to a new class of spin and k_T-dependent distribution and fragmentation functions. Limiting ourselves to consider leading twist functions, we show how they could play a relevant role in producing non-vanishing spin asymmetries.Comment: LaTeX, 8 pages, uses ws-procs9x6.cls. Talk delivered by S. Melis at the ``X Convegno su Problemi di Fisica Nucleare Teorica'', October 6-9, 2004, Cortona, Ital

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