The neutral top-pion and the lepton flavor violating ZZ decays Z→liljZ\to l_{i}l_{j}


Taking into account the constraints of the present experimental limit of the process ΞΌβ†’eΞ³\mu\to e\gamma on the free parameters of topcolor-assisted technicolor(TC2) models, we calculate the contributions of the neutral top-pion to the lepton flavor violating(LFV) ZZ decays Zβ†’liljZ\to l_{i}l_{j}. Our results show that the value of the branching ratio Br(Zβ†’Ο„l)Br(Z\to \tau l) is larger than that of Br(Zβ†’ΞΌe)Br(Z\to \mu e) in all of the parameter space and there is Br(Z→τμ)β‰ˆBr(Zβ†’Ο„e)≃2Γ—10βˆ’14Br(Z\to \tau\mu)\approx Br(Z\to \tau e)\simeq 2\times 10^{-14} , which is far from the reach of present or future experiments.Comment: 12 pages and 3 figures. To be published in J. Phys.

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