Extended Modified Observable Technique for a Multi-Parametric Trilinear Gauge Coupling Estimation at LEP II


This paper describes the extension of the Modified Observables technique in estimating simultaneously more than one Trilinear Gauge Couplings. The optimal properties, unbiasedness and consistent error estimation of this method are demonstrated by Monte Carlo experimentation using νjj\ell \nu jj four-fermion final state topologies. Emphasis is given in the determination of the expected sensitivities in estimating the λγΔg1z\lambda_{\gamma} - \Delta g_{1}^{z} and ΔkγΔg1z\Delta k_{\gamma} - \Delta g_{1}^{z} pair of couplings with data from the 183 GeV LEPII run.Comment: (17 pages, 8 figures

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