Optimum Asymptotic Multiuser Efficiency of Pseudo-Orthogonal Randomly Spread CDMA


A KK-user pseudo-orthogonal (PO) randomly spread CDMA system, equivalent to transmission over a subset of KKK'\leq K single-user Gaussian channels, is introduced. The high signal-to-noise ratio performance of the PO-CDMA is analyzed by rigorously deriving its asymptotic multiuser efficiency (AME) in the large system limit. Interestingly, the KK'-optimized PO-CDMA transceiver scheme yields an AME which is practically equal to 1 for system loads smaller than 0.1 and lower bounded by 1/4 for increasing loads. As opposed to the vanishing efficiency of linear multiuser detectors, the derived efficiency is comparable to the ultimate CDMA efficiency achieved for the intractable optimal multiuser detector.Comment: WIC 27th Symposium on Information Theory in the Benelux, 200

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