Mapping Super-Relaxed States of Myosin Heads in Sarcomeres using Oblique Angle Fluorescent Microscopy


We have utilised modern methods of super-resolution fluorescent microscopy to spatially map fluorescently labelled ATP molecules in relaxed rabbit psoas skeletal muscles. For our imaging process, we have labelled ATP molecules with Rhodamine and Z-lines with Alexa488. Data from imaging these fluorophores have been collected using oblique angle fluorescent microscopy and further analysed to map super relaxed states (SRX) of myosin heads on the thick filament. Our experiments have concluded that most SRX of myosin heads were found in the C-zone of the thick filament, while other zones of thick filament had smaller populations of SRX. Further introduction of mavacamten (MAVA) to our imaging system has revealed an increase in SRX in both D and P zones, while the C zone population of SRX had remained constant. Further experiments must be conducted to establish a clear pattern and further proof our findings

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