Galactic Winds in Irregular Starburst Galaxies


In this paper we present some results concerning the study of the development of galactic winds in blue compact galaxies. In particular, we model a situation very similar to that of the galaxy IZw18, the most metal poor and unevolved galaxy known locally. To do that we compute the chemo-dynamical evolution of a galaxy in the case of one istantaneous isolated starburst as well as in the case of two successive instantaneous starbursts. We show that in both cases a metal enriched wind develops and that the metals produced by the type Ia SNe are lost more efficiently than those produced by type II SNe. We also find that one single burst is able to enrich chemically the surrounding region in few Myr. Both these results are the effect of the assumed efficiency of energy transfer from SNe to ISM and to the consideration of type Ia SNe in this kind of problem. The comparison with observed abundances of IZw18 suggests that this galaxy is likely to have suffered two bursts in its life, with the previous being less intense than the last one.Comment: 3 pages, 1 figure, to appear in the Proceedings of the Conference "Cosmic Evolution", Paris, November 200

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