Study of the photon strength functions and level density in the gamma decay of the n + 234U reaction


The accurate calculations of neutron-induced reaction cross sections are relevant for many nuclear applications. The photon strength functions and nuclear level densities are essential inputs for such calculations. These quantities for 235U are studied using the measurement of the gamma de-excitation cascades in radiative capture on 234U with the Total Absorption Calorimeter at n_TOF at CERN. This segmented 4π gamma calorimeter is designed to detect gamma rays emitted from the nucleus with high efficiency. This experiment provides information on gamma multiplicity and gamma spectra that can be compared with numerical simulations. The code diceboxc is used to simulate the gamma cascades while geant4 is used for the simulation of the interaction of these gammas with the TAC materials. Available models and their parameters are being tested using the present data. Some preliminary results of this ongoing study are presented and discussed

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