EURONU WP6 2009 yearly report: Update of the physics potential of Nufact, superbeams and betabeams


Many studies in the last ten years have shown that we can measure the unknown angle theta13, discover leptonic CP violation and determine the neutrino hierarchy in more precise neutrino oscillation experiments, searching for the subleading channel nue -> numu in the atmospheric range. In this first report of WP6 activities the following new results are reviewed: (1) Re-evaluation of the physics reach of the upcoming generation of experiments to measure theta13 and delta; (2) New tools to explore a larger parameter space as needed beyond the standard scenario; (3) Neutrino Factory: (a) evaluation of the physics reach of a Nufact regards sterile neutrinos; (b) evaluation of the physics reach of a Nufact as regards non-standard interactions; (c) evaluation of the physics reach of a Nufact as regards violation of unitarity; (d) critical assessment on long baseline tau-detection at Nufact; (e) new physics searches at a near detector in a Nufact; (4) Beta-beams: (a) choice of ions and location for a gamma = 100 CERN-based beta-beam; (b) re-evaluation of atmospheric neutrino background for the gamma = 100 beta-beam scenario; (c) study of a two baseline beta-beam; (d) measuring absolute neutrino mass with beta-beams; (e) progress on monochromatic beta-beams; (5) Update of the physics potential of the SPL super-beam. Eventually, we present an updated comparison of the sensitivity to theta13, delta and the neutrino mass hierarchy of several of the different proposed facilities.Comment: 2009 Yearly report of the Working Package 6 (Physics) of the EUROnu FP7 EU project. 55 pages, 21 figures

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