Moduli stabilization and SUSY breaking in heterotic orbifold string models


In this paper we discuss the issues of supersymmetry breaking and moduli stabilization within the context of E_8 x E_8 heterotic orbifold constructions and, in particular, we focus on the class of "mini-landscape" models. In the supersymmetric limit, these models admit an effective low energy field theory with a spectrum of states and dimensionless gauge and Yukawa couplings very much like that of the MSSM. These theories contain a non-Abelian hidden gauge sector which generates a non-perturbative superpotential leading to supersymmetry breaking and moduli stabilization. We demonstrate this effect in a simple model which contains many of the features of the more general construction. In addition, we argue that once supersymmetry is broken in a restricted sector of the theory, then all moduli are stabilized by supergravity effects. Finally, we obtain the low energy superparticle spectrum resulting from this simple model.Comment: LaTeX, v2: 57+1 pages, 4 figures, 8 Tables, added references; this version i) discusses volume moduli stabilization with exponentials of both sign (as sometimes mandated by modular invariance); ii) includes the anomalous U(1)_A D-term & the leading Coleman-Weinberg 1-loop correction into the MSSM soft masses to prevent tachyonic results

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