Analysis of ribosome assembly in a L6 suppressor strains.


<p>The ribosome profiles of <i>rbgA</i>-F6A suppressor strains show an accumulation of a novel 44S complex. Ribosome profiles were analyzed from RB247 (wild-type cells), RB1043 (RbgA-F6A mutant), RB1051 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-R70P), RB1055 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-R3C), RB1057 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-H66L), RB1063 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-G5C), RB1065 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-G5S) and RB1068 (<i>rbgA</i>-F6A, <i>rplF</i>-T68R). Profiles were generated by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. Dashed lines indicate the migration of the 70S, 44S and the 30S subunits in the gradient.</p

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